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USA road named after Dada!

Updated: May 24, 2022

14th May 2022, was a historic day. In homage to the Great Saint, Dada J.P. Vaswani, a pathway named after him – Rev. Dada Vaswani Way was inaugurated in Secaucus, New Jersey. The inauguration was done at the hands of Michael Gonnelli, the Mayor of the City of Secaucus and Didi Krishna Kumari. This is the first road in USA to be named after Dada.

The inauguration began with the chanting of the sacred ‘Asato Ma Satgamaya mantra, blowing the conch, and the auspicious coconut breaking ceremony. This was followed by the unveiling of the Rev. Dada Vaswani Way.

Speaking at the inauguration, Didi Krishna began her talk with a token of gratitude to the Mayor, the Council Man, and the Council Lady. In her message, she said, “Dada loved to remain unseen. He did not want his glories to be sung, he didn’t keep any personal diary in which he would share his experiences, nor did he note down in his diary any of his accolades or achievements. His values were indeed different. Today, we share every action that we perform on social media. But here was a person who wished to live a hidden life in the hidden god. Therefore, we have all gathered here today to honour him. Of course, he needs no honour and the only way we can honour him is to walk the way he showed each one of us. He did not walk the way but he lived the way. His life was a living testimony; he was a living embodiment of all the ideals he wanted us to imbibe. He did not preach; he practised.”

Concluding, Didi Krishna said, “I pray that whosoever crosses this path is blessed with true joy, true peace, and a true sense of fellowship that we regard each other, nature, and all creation, as the image of God.”

In reference to Mayor Gonneli, a devotee mentioned, “Dada would call him an angel. A few years ago, he was sick but recovered well. To this day he says that the only reason I got out of this is because Dada was praying for me.”

“It is a proud moment for India that a road in the USA is being named after an Indian Saint,” said a spectator.

The street, Rev. Dada Vaswani Way is located in the neighbourhood that passes through the Meadowlands Parkway towards the Secaucus Animal Shelter.

Additionally, on this day, a ‘Joy and Peace Garden’ connoting ‘J.P.’ from Dada J.P. Vaswani was dedicated to him at the Imagine Park. Saplings were planted at the site. Prayers and havan (holy fire) were done. The ashes from the havan were planted along with the new saplings to carry their blessings through their leaves and flowers.

Said Ashok Lalwani, Sadhu Vaswani Center trustee, "It will be a sensory garden and the sights, smells, and sounds of the garden will reverberate with Dada’s Love."


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