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Didi Krishna Kumari's Toronto Visit, May 11 – 12, 2023

May 11: Arrival at Toront

Nature is a manifestation of the Divine, and today, even nature welcomed beloved Didi. The city of Toronto took a 180-degree weather shift. Didi brought with herself warmth and light, dispelling the cold and darkness not just in the literal sense, but also in the hearts of the people.

Devotees gathered at the airport and in their melodious voices, sang together in the Sindhi language. “Aj deenha sabhago aahey, Didi asaan vat aahey aahey; prem ja pyaala piyaare, man jo andhero mitaaye”: It is a blessed day, for Didi has come to us, quenching our thirst with love, removing the darkness within us.

In the evening, a small Satsang was organised at the residence of Didi’s host. Didi’s message was: cleanse your heart. Our hearts are blotched with blemishes, stained with specks of negativity. We are very particular about our external hygiene and cleanliness, but when it comes to our internal environment, we turn a blind eye. One tip Didi shared was: to live your life in humility. See the good in others; seek out their strengths and appreciate them.

May 12: Ruh Rihan Satsang

No matter where in the world you are, you will find Sindhis. In Toronto, the Sindhis have their very own temple, the Sindhi Gurmandir, where Didi’s program was held. Didi was welcomed by MP Rechie Valdez, who upon meeting Didi had tears in her eyes.

Mr. Arjun Jasuja was overwhelmed with joy and expressed his emotion through a song he penned himself. The children showcased a myriad of talents before Didi, welcoming her with their angelic smiles.

In Revered Dada’s upadesh, he encouraged us to develop deep longing for the Lord. The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly Didi’s talk.

Didi awakened us to the fact that today, our lives are artificial – a show put on to please others, rather than an attempt to discover our true self. Sadhu Vaswani came to remind us that we are the Atman; within us is a Light that cannot be extinguished – the light which, once kindled, will lead us on the path of righteousness.


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