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Didi Krishna’s West Yatra - ATLANTA May 4 – 6, 2023

May 4: Youth Meet at Host’s Residence

On May 4, Didi arrived at the fourth destination of her yatra: Atlanta. That evening, Didi met with the youth in an informal setting, and together they shared a heart-to-heart on various topics of the soul.

Didi recognized that today’s youth wish to be independent. However, true independence is doing what is right and not simply doing what we desire.

In life, there are two paths we can take: the path of preya, self-indulgence, or the path of shreya, self-control. Shreya, although a difficult road, will lead you to true freedom. Didi shared five tips to help us walk on the path of self-control.

A question-answer session followed, in which someone asked: What happens if a situation prevents you from following the path of shreya? Didi’s response emphasized the importance of self-control: rather than blaming situations, remember that you are always responsible for the choices you make. The youth were captivated by Didi’s words. A spark had been ignited in their hearts, for they decided in that moment to start monthly youth Satsangs. With Didi’s guidance, a format was drafted and their first meeting was scheduled.

May 5: Ruh Rihan Satsang

It was the blessed Buddha Purnima Day, and the city of Atlanta was doubly blessed to have a ray of Light in the form of Didi Krishna, in their midst. Members of the community showered Didi in rose petals, expressing their adoration for her. “Be your own lamp. Don’t walk in someone else’s,” Beloved Dada shared in his Upadesh, after which Didi began her talk: We live in darkness – darkness of the ego, darkness of desire. Desires bind us, for our happiness depends on the fulfilment of desires.

May 6: “Choose Happiness” Talk at the Carter Center

A motivational speaker, a light of hope to forlorn souls, someone who encourages others to progress on the spiritual path – these were some of the many qualities that were listed in a proclamation presented to Didi by Dr. Gloria Tinubu on behalf of the Atlanta City Council.

A beautiful performance of classical dance was performed, welcoming Didi in the most resplendent way.

The topic of Didi’s talk was: “Choose Happiness”.

Happiness, Didi said, is not conditional; we cannot rely on external circumstances to determine our mood. Happiness is within us, yet we always look outside of us, for the world and its temptations appear attractive to us.


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