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Didi Krishna Kumari's visit to Dallas, May 6 & 7, 2023

May 6: Arrival at Dallas

When you are connected to a Divine power, you never feel worn out, for that power fuels and sustains you. This can be seen in the way Didi Krishna serves her Master, so diligently and so tirelessly. Without even a moment’s break, Didi left for the airport immediately after the program in Atlanta.

The next stop on Didi’s yatra was Dallas. A group of very dynamic and keen devotees gathered at the airport to greet Didi. So strong was their longing to see Didi, that they found their way inside the airport terminal, before Didi could even collect her bags!

In the evening, a satsang was organized at the host’s residence.

“It’s time to wake up,” Didi said in her gentle, yet powerful voice. While living in the world – which has been created for us to enjoy - we must not disregard our soul; we must take the effort to cultivate the soul.

Those who were present did not take Didi’s message lightly. In fact, Didi left such a profound impact on them, that they spontaneously decided to take on three new initiatives: Gurukul classes for children, Bridge Builders for the youth, and a monthly Sadhu Vaswani Satsang!

May 7, 2023 - Meeting with the Youth of Dallas

The next day was jam-packed with program after program, making the most of Didi’s one-day trip to Dallas. Didi started her day with the youth, who had all read Dada’s book “Tips for Teenagers”. Each one shared the lesson that they received from the book. Having a positive attitude despite your circumstances; staying calm and responding rather than reacting when you become angry; not being discouraged when you make a mistake; establishing a connection with God – these were some of the prevalent lessons learned. Didi listened to all with a patient and understanding ear, after which she shared practical tips on how to implement those lessons in their daily life.

The young adults were determined to begin a monthly youth session and marked the date for their very first meeting in June.

Storytime with Didi

The youth session was followed by a cozy gathering with the little children of Dallas.

To start, the children were first taught the prayer “Thank you God for the food I eat, thank you God for the friends I meet, thank you God, for the songs I sing, thank you God for everything!”

Didi then narrated a story which depicted the difference between ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’. The inhabitants of hell are weak and frail. They are unable to eat the food in front of them, because their elbows do not bend, making it impossible for them to feed themselves.

On the other hand, the inhabitants of heaven are healthy and glowing, because they have found a way to eat: even though their elbows cannot bend, they can still reach their arms out and feed each other!

Heaven, Didi said, can be created on earth, if we simply learn to love and share what we have with each other.

Didi’s Talk on ‘You are Unique’

In the evening, Didi was scheduled to give a talk on the topic “You are Unique”.

Mr. Ashok Dandekar, President of the Chinmaya Mission, Dallas, warmly welcomed Didi. Shabnam Modgil from Radio Caravan blessed the event with her presence as well.

Didi started her talk with a reminder that many of us need to hear today: You are special. Each one of us has been blessed with our personal strengths, gifts, and capabilities. Yet, how many of us experience this wonder of being unique and special?

Most of us are live in constant comparison with others. We feel inferior to those around us. However, we forget that what we see on the outside is superficial. What matters is who we are, internally.


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