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Moment of Calm


The Moment of Calm is a global peace initiative that aims at bringing calm in the hearts of people through the power of forgiveness and love. Our goal is to help people experience true joy & peace by forgiving and positive, inspired living. To further harness the healing power of forgiveness, August 2, is now celebrated as a Global Forgiveness Day, with 2 PM observed as the Moment of Calm. We want to envelop the whole planet with love and peace by encouraging people to forgive and live a truly happy life. We believe that hearts at peace will create world peace. The Moment of Calm marks the birth time of the illustrious spiritual leader, Dada J.P. Vaswani, who believed, ‘The best giving is forgiving.’

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The power of forgiveness can transform lives!
Join our movement and share that spirit with the E-band, a fun reminder to prioritize self-care and mental well-being along with spreading love and positive energy. This beautiful gift is perfect for yourself or for someone that matters to you. By sharing an E-band, you offer a silent promise of support, fostering a community of love and healing. Let's embrace forgiveness together! Share this E-band and inspire others.

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Benefits of Forgiveness


Mental Detox

Emotional Baggage Check: Holding onto anger and resentment is like carrying a heavy backpack. Forgiveness allows you to unload that emotional weight and lighten your mental load.

Decluttering Your Mind: Ruminating on negative experiences creates mental clutter. Forgiveness helps you clear those thoughts and free up space for positive emotions.


Boosting Your Inner Strength

Empowerment: Forgiveness doesn't condone the offense, but it takes away the power the offender has over your emotions. You reclaim control of your well-being.

Flexibility: Letting go of negativity strengthens your ability to bounce back from future hurts and disappointments, freeing you.


Fostering Empathy & Compassion

Understanding, Not Excusing: Forgiveness doesn't erase the wrongdoing, but it allows you to consider the offender's perspective, fostering empathy without excusing their actions.

Breaking the Cycle of Hurt: By choosing forgiveness, you prevent the negativity from spreading to others. It's a conscious choice to create a more compassionate world.


The Ripple Effect

Improved Relationships: Forgiveness strengthens existing relationships and allows for healthier future connections.

Breaking Generational Patterns: Forgiveness helps prevent negative experiences from being passed on, creating a more positive future for yourself and others thus promoting peace within and without.


Unexpected Physical Benefits

Stress Reduction: Holding on to anger triggers the fight-or-flight response. Forgiveness helps lower stress hormones, promoting relaxation and physical well-being it also leads to better sleep quality.
Physical Wellbeing: It boosts your immunity and expedites your healing process.

Forgiveness Prayer & Message


Thanks for joining the Moment of Calm!!

How It Began

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The Moment of Calm campaign was launched by Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani and the Mayor of Oak brook, Chicago in 2012.

Launching the movement, Rev. Dada said, "The treasure of this inner calm should be experienced by all of us at least once every day. But if we are unable to do so, then let us enjoy and experience it at least once a year!"

Dada’s light shines on.
His everlasting love continues to guide and inspire us.

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