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Modi Khana, a unique Guru Nanak Jayanti celebration at Sadhu Vaswani Mission

November 19 , 2021 Pune

Sadhu Vaswani Mission observes Guru Nanak Jayanti with Modi Khana
People purchased groceries and essentials worth Rs. 1,60,000 for distributing to the poor and needy

Sadhu Vaswani Mission, held Guru Nanak Jayanti celebrations and the Modi Khana at the Pune headquarters. Adhering to the pandemic protocols, devotees at the Mission held a quiet observance of the celebratory programmes, satsangs and the most-awaited Modi Khana – an age-old practice first organised by Guru Nanak. Carrying forward the practice, devotees at the Mission, make a symbolic purchase of groceries and hygiene items which are then donated to poor and needy families.

The sacred day of Guru Purab began with a satsang featuring bhajans and kirtans sung in remembrance and reverence of the Great Sikh Guru – Guru Nanak. Devotees invoked the Great Guru with a chorus of “Satnam, Waheguru”.

The session also marked a recorded discourse of Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani. In his message, he spoke about the illustrious life of Guru Nanak, how he endeavoured relentlessly, travelled across the length and breadth of the East, West, North, and South and spread the message of Name Divine. He also narrated the story of modi khana, where Guru Nanak was a modi – a grocer at the Nawab’s store where he would liberally give away the grains in the store to the poor and needy.

Following Dada’s discourse, the Modi Khana at the Mission was opened to devotees. Devotees, maintaining Covid-19 protocols, queued up to make their purchases and offered the groceries at the pedestal of the Masters. Total proceeds for the Modi Khana amounted to Rs. 1,60,000.

“Being a part of the Modi Khana brings a sense of satisfaction and contentment. In reality, we are only instruments, even this service is done through us, not by us,” said Dimple Wadhwani.

130 needy families will be given groceries and hygiene essentials consisting of rice, sugar, tea, suji, besan, chole, toiletries, chatai, napkin, bedsheet, among other items.

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