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Kerala Disaster Relief

Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani’s tender heart has never let him remain indifferent to the suffering of others. During any calamities, Dada's instant response has been to put together a band of volunteers from the Sadhu Vaswani Mission, often even accompanying them, and immediately rush to the site of the disaster, to provide the required assistance and sustenance. True to Dada's practice and tradition, teams of dedicated volunteers from the Sadhu Vaswani Mission, Pune have reached Kerala.

A team of volunteers from the Mission reached Kerala on 18th August and set up base at Thrissur, one of the worst affected areas. Supplies were procured. Food is freshly cooked and then with a truck, the team sets out to distribute into the affected interiors of Paravoor.

“Damage is extensive. Affected people have lost everything. People were so hungry they put bananas, bread immediately in mouth as soon as they received," reported the volunteers. Another team of volunteers has joined them at Kerala to cover more affected areas. The food production has been scaled up to 4000 packets. One of the volunteers commented, ‘When we reached Paravoor and got the hall, the vendor outside gave us tea but did not charge us. The locals are offering us their help, house, vehicles and support... We are touched by so much love and support we have received...”

Mr. Ramakrishnan, Superintendent Excise Dept. said in a message to them, “Hats off to your team Sir. Dada Vaswani's blessings will help us to do the best service.” The Mission is deeply grateful to the supporters and the contributions in carrying out this mission of mercy in the disaster affected areas of Kerala, with the grace of the Master. 


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