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Blanket Distribution Drive Seva

Each year, Sadhu Vaswani Mission, as a part of the winter sevas and to protect the poor and needy from the harsh winters, organises blanket distribution sevas. This year the sevas have been initiated from October 2022 when the winter begins to set in.

Throughout the month, volunteers have made trips to remote villages where poor households have been identified and carried out blankets (2 each), solapuri chaddars (2 each), and chatai (1) distribution drives.

As on 22nd October 2022, the Mission has distributed 592 blankets, 592 solapuri chaddar, and 296 floor mats. Villages covered include, Sajgoan Kathkerwadi (52 houses), Mahad Kathkerwadi (45 houses), Ujnoli Kathkarwadi (44 houses), Anjrun Kathkarwadi (38 houses), Mathwadi (32 houses), and Varne Kathkarwadi (60 houses).


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