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A New Free School by Sadhu Vaswani Mission in Manjri, Pune

On the outskirts of Pune, in the charming village of Manjri with sugarcane fields, over a large acres land, was dedicated this new school building on 18th June 2018. It is a dream project, of this great saint and educationist of imparting quality education to village level and serving the rural children.

The school was inaugurated with the traditional havan, prayers, mantras, Nuri Granth thought of the occasion (vachan) and bhajans. Supporters from abroad, dignitaries and the heads of all the Mira institutions in Pune also graced the occasion.

It was their first day of school. In their newly acquired uniforms, socks and shoes, the village children, 120 of them, came trotting with their parents towards the building named - ‘Sadhu Vaswani Gurukul’. This first section of the beautiful school building was put up in just two months and is the hard work of a dedicated team of Sadhu Vaswani Mission under the project head Manju Nichani and Working Chairperson Krishna Kumari. The children sat in the hall as the latest addition to the large loving family of Mira Education. Full of wonder and anticipation they awaited their entry to the new experience. “It was a sight to see these little angels,” remarked Dr. Shanti, an attendee hailing from Goa. In her speech Manju Nichani, informed that as Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani woke up in the morning, he said in enthusiasm, “Take me to the new school at Manjri.” This received a thunderous applause from all and a wave of joy flooded the hall. The session concluded with a thrilling participative kirtan of ‘Vithalla’. Snacks were served for all.

The revered founder Sadhu Vaswani’s clarion call of 'Give, give and give' is seen in loving action. In His grace, a village school will bring education and culture into many homes. About the school: The school has started with three classes – Nursery, Junior KG and Senior KG, with 40 students in each class. The entire education is free for the underprivileged children. They will be given free breakfast and mid-day meal. The children have been provided 3 sets of uniforms, shoes, socks, etc. Starting with junior classes, a SSC school is envisioned with excellent infrastructure, play facilities and academics.


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