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Thanksgiving Week Celebrations at Sadhu Vaswani Mission Pune

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

“Peace does not dwell in the Himalayas. It is here and now in your attitude of gratitude.” – Dada JP Vaswani

18th – 24th February 2023, Sadhu Vaswani Mission celebrated Thanksgiving Week. Extensive service activities, daily satsangs, recorded discourses by Sadhu Vaswani and Revered Dada Vaswani, including guided meditation and Q&A and live talks by Didi Krishna Kumari, marked the celebrations.

The Thanksgiving Week’s weeklong programmes included havans and featured Shiv kirtan, recitation of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, Hanuman Chalisa, and Sri Japji Sahib. Bridge Builders, the youth wing of the Mission, organised a soulful session featuring an insightful skit on levelling up our thinking.

Sadhu Vaswani and Dada J.P. Vaswani’s recorded talks were played. Didi Krishna held an insightful talk that was broadcast live to devotees across the globe.

One of the attendees, Sugra Lakhani, said, “The Thanksgiving Week infuses immense positive energy in us. It makes us realize that being grateful can help us lead a life of peace and happiness. God has blessed us with the best of everything. Words are not sufficient to sing His glories, but we can surely express our feelings by thanking Him with every breath.”

Another attendee, Pushpa Shivdasani, added, “Being grateful helps change the mindset. Thanksgiving Week acts as a reminder to be grateful for God’s bounties. It reinforces in our minds that an attitude of gratitude is the right way to live.”

Throughout Thanksgiving Week, the Mission carried out extensive service activities. On 18th February, the Mission organized seva for the blind and distributed sarees to 50 visually-impaired women and shirts to 120 visually-impaired men. Additionally, apples, potato wafers and frooti was also given to them. In another round of sevas for the blind, the Mission volunteers visited Patashibai Ratanchand Manav Kalyan Trust, Bhosari and distributed apples, potato wafers, and frooti to 75 visually-impaired children. On 19th February, the Mission distributed joy packets which included chikkis, 100gms dates, chiwda, and chocolates to 140 children in the slums of Manjri and Hadapsar. On 20th February, the Mission distributed clothes which included t-shirts and jeans and joy packets to 250 children of construction labourers at Dudulgaon, Mulshi and Pimple Saudagar. On 21st February, the Mission distributed ration kits and cash to class IV employees of the Mission. Each ration kit consisted of 10kgs rice, 2kgs sugar, 1/4 kg tea, 1 kg tur dal, 1 kg moong dal, and 1-litre oil. On 22nd February, the Mission distributed clothes which included t-shirts and jeans and joy packets to 197 children of construction labourers at Kharadi, Wagholi, and Viman Nagar. On 23rd February, the Mission distributed chikkis clothes – leggings and jeans – to 332 poor girls at St. Hildas Girls High School at Sadhashiv Peth. On another visit, the Mission distributed chikkis and clothes to 333 children at Nutan Bal Vikas School at Sadashiv Peth. The distribution comprised an alternate of jeans and t-shirts, towels/napkins, leggings, tops and jeans, as per the needs of the children.

Another round of sevas for blind children at Patashibai Ratanchand Manav Kalyan Trust, Bhosari was organized where 75 visually-impaired children were given joy packets which included a towel, napkins, biscuits, chikkis, chiwda and chocolates. On 24th February, the Mission distributed joy packets, including biscuits, chikkis, chiwda, chocolates, and clothes – 2 shirts to 162 poor children at Pune Vidyarthi Gruha at Sadashiv Peth. Every day, hospital sevas in the general ward at Inlaks & Budhrani Hospital, KK Eye Hospital, and Fabiani and Budhrani Hospital were carried out. Each day, the Mission distributed apples to 250 patients. A total of 1750 patients received apples during the entire week.

Sadhu Vaswani Healthcare Institutes, including Shanti Clinic, Inlaks & Budhrani Hospital, and Fabiani & Budhrani Hospital, conducted medical sevas where free/concessional treatment was provided to needy patients.

Thanksgiving Week was observed by Sadhu Vaswani Centers, including Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and New Jersey, among others, by carrying out extensive service activities and satsangs.

About Thanksgiving Week: Thanksgiving Week is observed in gratitude to God, celebrating the homecoming of Revered Dada J.P. Vaswani from a successful quadruple bypass surgery he underwent at the Washington Medical Center, the USA, in 1998. Since then, each year, the Mission, during Thanksgiving Week aids the economically weaker section of society that suffers from curable heart ailments but loses life for want of treatment and lack of money. In keeping with Dada’s ideals, special service programmes, prayers and events are also conducted.

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