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Sevas Bring Double-Joy to Children & Women!

1st April 2023 Sevas Bring Double-Joy to Children & Women!

  • 5000 Students Receive Stationery Kits!

  • Women Trained at SVM Skill Development Institute Benefit with a Modest Income, Enabled to Stand on their Own Feet!

1st April 2023, was an activity-filled day at the Mission. As early as 6:30 AM, the enthusiastic hustle of volunteers kept everyone on their toes. Today, as many as 5000 little children were to receive stationery kits as a part of the ‘Stationery Distribution Sevas.” What’s more! The pouches in which these kits are distributed are stitched by the women trained at the Sadhu Vaswani Skill Development Centre. The seva thus benefited two sections – children and women. While children are enabled for an equipped education, women are encouraged to stand on their feet, take small steps towards achieving financial freedom and live a life of dignity with the income earned through making these pouches and more.

11 volunteers, in 3 vehicles, left at 7:00 AM from the Mission headquarters and left in three different directions – Wagholi, Perne, Manjri. At these locations were the 30 Zilla Parishad schools where their students were eagerly waiting for their brand new set of stationeries.

“The schools were located in the interiors and difficult to find. Our phone networks too gave up and when we thought how we would find the schools, we fortunately found the principal and we followed him to the schools,” shared a volunteer.

The distribution was held in an organised manner, and the children queued up with the utmost discipline. But that’s about it! The joy and happiness could not be contained, and there was a wonderful display of their excitement!

“The children were so happy; we cannot put it in words. We actually felt their joy and relived our childhood and remembered how small things can bring joy! They immediately opened their pouches and began comparing with their friends,” added the volunteer.

Primary and Secondary students received different sets. Primary children were given five pencils, one eraser, one sharpener, and one ruler with a pouch, and Secondary children were given four pens, one pencil, one eraser, one sharpener, and one ruler with a pouch. The stationery kits, including the pouch, cost INR 50 each.

Soon, the volunteers wrapped up the distribution and returned to the Mission with empty vans that were now filled with the happiness and joy of the little ones on the one hand, and the hope of small savings started in the purse of a skilled sister on the other hand.

A good bargain indeed!


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