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Sadhu Vaswani Mission Serves the Muslim Brethren in the Holy Month of Ramzan

Karuna Sevas: Sadhu Vaswani Mission Serves the Muslim Brethren in the Holy Month of Ramzan

Unity, love, service, sacrifice, humility, compassion, right conduct, knowing the purpose of this human life and striving to fulfil the same, realizing the goal of life to be mukti (or Liberation/ Salvation/ Moksha/ Nirvana) and living to achieve that goal, and discovering the essence of spirituality: these are ideals that are common to all religions. They form the golden thread which runs through the garland of many variegated, fragrant flowers that are the world’s diverse faith.

Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani

25th April 2021, Sadhu Vaswani Mission served the Muslim Brethren in the holy month of Ramzan. Ration kits were distributed to 42 families in dire need of supplies.

The Mission received an urgent distress call from the Madari community residing in the Madari Basti, Koregaon Park Pune. They are a minority community and earn their living through performing magic acts, decorating balloons at birthday parties and such miscellaneous tasks. Their income that is already uncertain has been further affected badly with the second wave of COVID-19.

The Mission team immediately swung into action, packed ration kits and reached the site for distribution. The beneficiaries were queued up in an orderly manner and the distribution was completed within allotted time. Their worries, at least in terms of food on their plates, were alleviated. "We could see the gratitude through their eyes," a volunteer added. To make the grains adequate, each ration kit consisted of 5kgs wheat flour, 5kgs rice, 1kg tur dal, 1kg moong, 1kg poha, 1kg sugar, 1/4 kg tea powder and 1ltr oil.

The distribution comes in the holy month of Ramzan.

“We were particularly moved when one of the brothers asked us, ‘Aap Muslim parivaronkeliyekaroge?’ — Will you be serving us; Muslim families?” To which we responded with Sadhu Vaswani's teaching that he lived by precept and example — Children of the Earth, Ye All Are One! As we said this, we humbly prayed unto our Beloved Masters that may we grow in brotherhood and sevas. We also served them with fruits — a dozen bananas to each family to break their fast,” added the Mission official.


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