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Ration Kits for Rickshaw Drivers too!

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

2nd July 2021

Each year, come June and the morning hours are filled with the chatter of children getting ready for school. Rickshaw drivers honking at stops, calling for their lot, and plying them to school is scene common to the roads of the city. However, the pandemic curbs resulted in the shutting of schools and education has temporarily moved online. But what of the transporters? Indeed, a hit on their income!

Taking note of the situation, Sadhu Vaswani Mission distributed ration kits to rickshaw drivers who drop the students of St. Mira’s school all year and ensure their safety.

“The income of the drivers is definitely not nil but the major portion of their income was from the revenue of school transport. Moreover, in most cases they are the sole breadwinners and have EMI’s to pay. We therefore thought that it was necessary to provide them with rations,” said a volunteer.

The beneficiaries were extremely grateful and expressed their gratitude to our volunteers. “Most of the recipients personally thanked us. Most of them have faith in Beloved Dada, Expressing their inability to visit the Sacred Samadhi owing to the pandemic restrictions; some even gave us offerings of coconut to be placed at Beloved Dada’s Sacred Samadhi. We made them place the coconut before the portrait of Dada that we have in our vehicles to give them the feeling of having offered it with their hands, they were immensely pleased. We later ensured that the arpanams reached the Samadhi,” added the volunteer.

The ration kits have been distributed to last for a month. Depending on further government regulations on the lockdown, the Mission shall review the situation of the drivers.

A total of 66 ration kits were distributed.


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