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Ration & Essentials for Stray Animals

The Mission distributed food supplies, gas stoves for cooking animal food and essential miscellaneous items to animal shelters and stray feeders across the city on 12th May & 12th June 2021, as part of its monthly sevas, and in observance of Dada Yagna — Remembrance Day of Dada J.P. Vaswani.

Upasana Foundation, Alandi was in dire need of utensils and a gas stove for cooking a minimum of 25kgs rice at a time. The owner, Vaishali, was collecting money to fund the purchase. Sadhu Vaswani Mission has been serving the foundation since the pandemic hit. Upon realising the need, the Mission provided 16"X16" 2 big utensils with lids, and 2 filled gas cylinders. “All this while, she has been using wood to cook. The smoke that emits is a cause of concern to the neighbours and they were against the use of it. While she was in a dilemma, the help was not only timely but also unexpected and brought tears to her eyes,” said a volunteer. “She began using it the very next day and the cooking that would usually take 8-9 hours now takes 1-2 hours. Moreover, Vaishali shared with us how she would cook a specific amount of rice at a time and feed the strays in batches and how the strays would have to wait with hunger. It’s pleasant news that all the strays can now be fed at the same time and none has to wait!” added the volunteer.

While the world is battling the pandemic, there continue to exist people who are willing to give their all for the cause of animals. One such incident is that of a lady who is undergoing a rough patch in her life financially for her husband is being paid only half his salary due to the pandemic. “She saw 5 pups being harmed by people in her colony at Bhopla Chowk Market (Gattar/Khada market); one of them even hammered the pup. She immediately jumped to their rescue and took them to a vet. Not one to leave them back on the road to be troubled by the cruel acts of people, she has taken their responsibility although she herself lives in a tiny tin shed house. She is now being helped by another stray feeder that the Mission caters to. We have added her to our list of beneficiaries and thank Beloved Dada for such kind hearted souls,” shared the volunteer.

In yet another incident, the Mission was moved by the compassionate heart of an elderly man who the volunteers now fondly call as ‘Shaikh Uncle’. Shaik uncle who lives in a one-room residence in Yerwada and works for his living at an advanced age as his is blessed with a ‘Heart of Gold’. His means are less but his spirit of service is undeterred. An electrician by profession, he takes us small assignments that earn him a meagre income with which he sustains himself, his wife and feeds strays chapattis, rice, and biscuits. His heart is one of giver and never a taker. It is said of him that if he is offered help he returns the favour in his own ways. When the Mission volunteers heard of him and his noble heart they urged him to accept Beloved Dada’s prasad for the voiceless ones. With blessings and a kind smile, he accepted the offering.

May 2021 distributions included: rice 5000kg, poha 5000kg, and biscuit cartons approx. weight of biscuits in kg = 1400 kg.

June 2021 distributions included: rice — 1600 kg to Mission Possible, 700 kg to Upasana Foundation, 100 kg to Prani Seva Kendra (Camp), 50 kg to a stray feeder at Yerwada, 550 kg to another stray feeder at Camp; 2200 kg poha to Mission Possible, 500 kg to Upasana Foundation, 100 kg to a stray feeder at Urli Kanchan, 200 kg to a stray feeder at VishrantWadi; and biscuits cartons to the stray feeders and shelters. Additionally, 11 tarpaulin sheets and empty cartons were provided to Upasana Foundation to weather the monsoons.

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