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Project Wellness- A talk-show with Rujuta Diwekar

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

In times when health concerns are mounting, food habits worsening and lifestyles stressful, ‘Project Wellness’ proved to be inspirational, impactful and opportune.

17thNovember 2019, Bridge Builders, Youth Wing of the Sadhu Vaswani Mission, in observance of Gurudev Sadhu Vaswani's 140thbirthday, organized ‘Project Wellness’ — a talk-show with celebrity nutritionist, Rujuta Diwekar. Held at Magarpatta City Amphitheatre, Pune the talk-show was organised on a large scale and saw over 1800+ guests. The event was blended with relevant audio-visual recordings of Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani on toxic thoughts, eating sattvic and more.

The show began to a performance by folk-band — ‘Abhanga Repost’ that had the audience singing along to ‘Man Lago Mero Yaar Fakiri Mein’ and to other compositions by saints of all times. With this, they had set the tone for the evening.  

This was followed by an address by Didi Krishna Kumari, Working Chairperson, Sadhu Vaswani Mission. She spoke on the ‘body, mind and soul’ combination of which the human body is made. Of the three, she said, the soul was pivotal and required nourishment in terms of purity of thoughts, conduct and nourishing vegetarian diet. That, she said, would bring about true wellness. Her address was of great relevance in today’s age and was met with thunderous applause.

Following this was the highlight of the day, talk-show by Diwekar. From the moment ‘go’, the audience was rapt in attention and making notes as words of wisdom poured from her address. She provided a 'sustainable' solution – ‘adopt a diet that is rich in nutrients, culturally resonant, ecologically sensitive. Ensure that it is ‘local, seasonal, traditional’.

 With her emphatic pronouncement of going local and thinking global, the event had an incredible influence on the guests most of whom left looking forward to the next 'Project Wellness, 2020'.

“Excellent discourse on mindful eating! Very informative and well-organised! Great Going!” said Sangeeta.

 “Beginning to the end, it was a great event! Food habits and lifestyle changes suggested by Rujuta are both sensible and easy to follow. The audio-visuals by Rev. Dada on working on the self and clearing the mind of toxic thoughts significantly struck me. Overall, the event was worth it!” said Rashmi.

 ‘Project Wellness’ will be an annual event. The announcement for registrations for the year 2020 will be made on our website.

Wellness is a choice - Didi Krishna. Watch her relate profound incidents with her times with Dada -

 Rujuta Diwekar LIVE and an interesting Q&A with her hosted by Rasika Wakalkar -


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