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New School in Pimpri by Sadhu Vaswani Mission

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Another school starts at Pimpri: Inauguration of Sadhu Vaswani Gurukul at New Sadhu Vaswani Center, Pimpri

Another historic day for the Mission says Didi Krishna Kumari

This was indeed a doubly-blessed day with a new Sadhu Vaswani Center at Pimpri and also a Sadhu Vaswani Gurukul at the Center.

The inaugural was done on 20th June 2022 with havan, prayers, kirtan in the presence of Didi Krishna Kumari, Dr. Manju Nichani, Aarti Patil, Mission officials, school staff and volunteers. The newly admitted children and their parents also attended and partook in the blessings of the sacred ceremony. Currently, the Gurukul intake includes students of playschool, junior, and senior kindergarten.

Dr. Manju Nichani reiterated Revered Dada J.P. Vaswani’s words that if you want to build a New India, it will be built in schools. Therefore, Dada urged us to take care of children, for they are our richest treasure.

Dedicating the school to the Masters, Didi Krishna Kumari said that it is another historic day for the Sadhu Vaswani Mission! Two things were most dear to Dada – Satsang and Education. Let us give the children the best of education and along with it values that are truly beautiful, truly useful, and above truly meaningful.

A recorded video message of Revered Dada J.P. Vaswani was played. In his message, he said that a true Gurukul is one whose foundation is reverence. The one in whose heart reverence wakes up attains true wisdom. And the teaching of satsang is also that. The message was apt for the Sadhu Vaswani Centre Pimpri as also the Sadhu Vaswani Gurukul – to cultivate reverence.

Aarti Patil, Headmistress Sadhu Vaswani International School, Pradhikaran who is also heading the education project at the Sadhu Vaswani Gurukul, Pimpri gave the vote of thanks.


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