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In Service of the Voiceless Ones

Sadhu Vaswani Mission, Pune in observance of Dada Yagna - Remembrance Day of Beloved Dada J.P. Vaswani - distributed food items in the month of December 2020 to animal shelters and stray feeders across the city.

“Shelters and stray feeders were running out of supplies. When the Mission reached out to them; it came as a relief. What we offer in seva lasts for a month which gives them time to attend to other needs especially medical, for there are many animals who are ailing and wounded,” said a volunteer.

“But it’s their spirit that is commendable. They face public wrath on a daily basis, some are using up their savings, some are using their pension; It’s their dedication to the cause of animals that Beloved Dada blesses them with timely assistance,” she added.

Distributions included -

Rice: 2300 kg to Mission Possible (Shankar Shet Road), 100 kg to stray feeder (Urlikanchan, 100 kg to Prani Seva Kendra.

Poha: 2200 kg to Mission Possible (Shankar Shet Road), 300 kg to stray feeder at Vishrantwadi.

Biscuits: 135 cartons to Mission Possible (Shankar Shet Road) 10 cartons to a stray feeder (Urlikanchan), 2 cartons to a stray feeder at Vishrantwadi, 3 cartons to Prani Seva Kendra.

8 tarpaulin sheets were also given for the Upasna Foundation shelter at Alandi.


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