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550th Prakash PurabNagar Kirtan at Sadhu Vaswani Mission

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Gurudev Sadhu Vaswani and Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani greatly revered Guru Nanak Devji. In continuance of the love for the Guru, the Sadhu Vaswani Mission welcomed the Pune District Sikh Gurudwara Association’s Nagar Kirtan commemorating the 550th birth anniversary — Prakash Purab— of Guru Nanak Devji.

Starting from Gurudwara Guru Singh Sabha, Ganesh Peth, the Palkhi arrived at the Mission to bless the eagerly waiting devotees before proceeding to its onward journey towards its final destination - Gurudwara Guru Nanak Darbar.

At the Mission, devotees bowed down their head in reverence and gratitude to Sri Granth Sahib. Chorus of banis and devotional calls of “Jo bole So Nihal’ reverberated in the Mission. 

“Sikhism is a religion that preaches oneness and the Mission resonates the same. This Palkhi is a procession of love, of bhakti, of seva. Beloved Dada Vaswani is very dear to us, his banis, his sevas, all touch us deeply. As much as Guru Nanak Devji is with us, so is Dada. We experience him here and our association has been a long one,” said Charanjit Singh, Trustee of the Gurudwara.

“Sadhu Vaswani and Dada, they both held Guru Nanak Devji in reverence and love. Therefore, the Mission has always been a part of us. And the one teaching that sums up Guru Nanak Devji’s life and we wish to pass on, is - Oneness of God. He belongs to all and He is One,” said Daljeet Singh Mokha.

“I am here just before Guru Nanak Jayanti. It feels like I am on a pilgrimage at Amritsar. It’s surreal. Their reverence for Dada shows in their graceful gesture of coming at the Mission,” said Aanchal Valecha.

“I tried the last two times the Palkhi came, but I couldn’t make it. I was pining for it and today I feel so fortunate,” said Bina Bhatia. Prasad was distributed amongst the devotees.


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