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Stop All Killing

Meatless Day - November 25

Sadhu Vaswani said,


"All killing is a denial of love. For to kill, or eat what another has killed, is to rejoice in cruelty. And cruelty hardens our hearts and blinds our vision and we see not that they whom we kill are our
brothers and sisters in the One Brotherhood of Life. For me not to love bird and animal would be to not love the Lord. For his children are birds and animals, no less than human beings."

Every year, on 25th November, we celebrate International Meatless and Animal Rights Day. On this day, we invite all humanity to join us in abstaining from all food of violence – at least for that one

We celebrate this day by asking people to sign pledges to go without meat on November 25th. Saving animals from slaughterhouses. Requesting hotels and caterers to refrain from serving meat on November 25th.

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