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Timeless Truths 3.0 - Kindle the lamp

"May I be a lamp that unfolds the light of love, of sympathy and service in the darkness of these days"

-Dada J. P. Vaswani 

We are all leading self centered lives. Sordid Selfishness is one of the chief reasons of chaos and turmoil in the current times. We have grown in industrialization; we have advanced in technology. But morally and spiritually we have gone backwards. Our hearts have not awakened. In the measure in which we become more and more unselfish, in the measure in which we think, more and more, of the needs of those around us and put ourselves to discomfort in order to bring comfort to others, in that measure the current situation will improve. Altruistic living, living for others, moving out of the narrow parochial boundaries of selfishness and living for the larger good of mankind is what makes life truly beautiful. All around there is darkness and seemingly the darkness deeper grows.Let us not curse the darkness, let us but light a candle. How does darkness go? Not by fighting it but by kindling a light. I think each one of us should do the little he can. If we don’ do it because it is so little, we deprive the world of something. Let you and I and others start lighting our little candles. The day will come when all those little flames will be gathered together and we shall have the light of the new morning sun. We must create a new environment of love and compassion. Remember, love is stronger than hate, and compassion is mightier than cruelty.


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