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Thanking the Police at Thanksgiving Week!

Gratitude is appreciation; gratitude is goodwill; gratitude is a benevolent and warm feeling for someone who has helped us’. 

 -Dada J.P. Vaswani 

As part of Thanksgiving events, the students of St. Mira's Secondary School, Pune contributed their bit towards the welfare of the country and its citizens. India has the second largest road network in the world, but also witnesses the loss of more than a lakh lives each year due to road traffic accidents. In the wake of such tragic occurrences, the students raised awareness amongst people about the importance of road safety rules. The students were first guided by some of the hard-working Pune Traffic Police Officers from RTO. With the use of posters, they emphasized the importance of wearing helmets on two wheelers, wearing seat belts in cars, not using cellphones while driving, and the hazards of over speeding and jumping red lights. The students also wore helmets and tshirts and took to the streets and personally spoke to various people passing by and actively helped in creating awareness about traffic rules. 

The students enthusiastically participated in this event and also thanked the police department for giving them information and guidance of traffic rules. This endeavor was made possible with the support of Principal Mrs. Anjali Raghani, teachers and office staff.


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