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Sp Leaders release Dadas book at Parliament of World's Religions, Toronto

A one hour program, ‘Reality of Realization’ in the honour and tribute to Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani was organized at the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto, Canada on 4th November, 2018. It featured the launch of Rev. Dada J. P. Vaswani’s book - Alphabets of Good Life.

Present at the program were HH Swami Chidanand Saraswati, Audrey Kitigawa, Jonathan Granoff, Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati, HH Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni,  HH Sadguru Brahmeshanandacharya Swami & Satish Daryanani.

Audrey Kitagawa, Chair-Elect of the Next Parliament of the World’s Religions, invoked the Gayatri Mantra as the Mantra of Enlightenment to commence the session. H.H. Swami Chidanand Saraswati invoked the Divine Light on the gathering. The lights of the hall flickered as if to signal Rev. Dada’s presence.

The rapt-in-attention audience listened with eagerness and anticipation to the video message from Sister Krishna Kumari, Working Chairperson of Sadhu Vaswani Mission. She recounted the legacy of Rev. Dada, summing up, “He sowed seeds of sympathy which will provide succour and shade to thousands as time passes by. He sang the song of unity which will grow into a symphony and unite thousands and millions of hearts to the rhythm of the one life.” The eyes of those who knew Dada filled in loving remembrance, as the others discovered the beauty of his life for the first time.

Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati, was seen overwhelmed and overcome with emotion soon after the playing of the video.

“Dada was both a mirror and a window,” she said. “He showed you who you are. As you looked at yourself through Dada’s eyes, you experience a “You” that you may never experience any other time. He actually saw, in all, the Divine. And if you had the courage to keep your eyes open, you could see yourself in His eyes. As he aged, the experience shifted from him becoming a window from a mirror. He was a window frame. There was nothing between you and the Divine. He was a window frame through which you could see everything. He was that light. He is that light. These are not tears of loss. These are tears of Wow! He’s here. The shape of the window frame has changed, but He’s here!”

Audrey Kitagawa shared, “When I first met him, I saw the radiant light of the Divine. The tears that came to my eyes were to be in the joy of being in his presence again. When you were in the radiance of his presence, you were completely humbled by the humility that was in him. Being in that radiance is transformative. He quietly transmitted that radiance to all.”

HH Swami Chidanand Saraswati said, “When I met him for the last time, he insisted that he see me off in his wheelchair, despite my requests. What humility! Whoever went to see him became transformed. When I was a child in the jungle, I saw those ascetics in the jungle in and around the trees, but Dada, not living in the caves, could maintain and manifest that Divinity, that purity, that serenity. Jungles are great - you can maintain yourself in isolation but in the real world there are real challenges, and Dada still maintained and manifested.”

Jonathan Granoff said, “The Smithsonian was putting together a conference on Sufism and I called Dada. He said how did you know I’m a Sufi? He was empty of the “I”. All the great masters are about is that they’re all One.”

HH Sadguru Brahmeshanandacharya Swami said that he had the unique experience of meeting Dada in Goa, his home state. He also regaled Dada as a realized soul whose life served to better humanity.

HH Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni shared his thoughts on Dada saying, “Lord Mahavir has said that he who is as pure and humble as a child is the realized One!” I believe Dada was just such an example and stood as tall as the Himalayas in His example.”

Satish Daryanani recounted how he requested Dada to write this book which encapsulates so many of his exemplary life’s lessons in an easy-to-read format - from how to deal with anger and anxiety through achieving world peace and true yoga.

All the dignitaries on the stage jointly released Rev. Dada’s book, a coffee table masterpiece representing 100 years of Rev. Dada’s unparalleled insight and foresight on the gift of life and the art of worthwhile living, in a selection of 100 timeless topics that are relevant to us all. Everything Dada wants to pass on to us, all in one book!

The Parliament of World Religions was held in Toronto, Canada, from Nov. 1 to Nov. 7, 2018

Watch the video of the entire session at the link -


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