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Sadhu Vaswani Mission starts new seva in Pimpri during Corona Pandemic

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Sadhu Vaswani Mission starts new seva in Pimpri during Corona Pandemic

A plateful, a plentiful! Fresh, Hot Meals Served at Pimpri!

  • Sadhu Vaswani Mission eyes a need and increases it’s seva effort to fulfill it

  • 500+ daily meals to Indryani Nagar slums, Pimpri

  • The Mission also distributed Tarpaulin sheets (waterproof material) to 25 hutments families, as heavy rains damaged their current roofs.

  • Serving even in heavy rains during the cyclone period of 3rd and 4th June with our #CoronaWarriors, the volunteers

 2nd June 2020, Sadhu Vaswani Mission, in collaboration with Attukal Devi Trust and Sabarimala Ayyappa Seva Samajam, has undertaken to serve dinner to nearly 500 slum-dwellers at Indryani Nagar, Pimpri. This is in addition to the regular sevas the Mission is conducting during the corona pandemic including ration kits and hot meals to shelters.

“The Trust members reached out to us and told us of the need for dinners that has arisen in the slums at Indrayani Nagar, Pimpri. Although we agreed immediately, the logistics of delivering food daily from Pune to Pimpri seemed difficult given the idea that the Mission wishes to serve hot-meals. We therefore came up with a suggestion of setting up a kitchen at the temple,” said an official of the Mission. “The Trust agreed immediately and volunteered to cook meals daily. About 10 volunteers from the Trust are engaged in the cooking. We provided them with all cooking essentials; dals, pulses, rice, vegetables, and spices and condiments. On the first day, dal rice was prepared. For the following days, the Trust being South Indian plans to cook varieties of rice and bring to the slum-dwellers plates delicacies from the South,” continued the official.

The packing and distribution of the meals is carried out by 5 volunteers of the Mission with help from the temple volunteers. Food was also served to the homeless on the streets in that area. 500+ meals on average are being served daily.

The heavy rains and cyclonic weather of 3rd and 4th June did not deter the volunteers.

  • Remarked a female volunteer, “It feels awesome. Due to heavy rains, the slum dwellers could not cook food. They were all waiting for our food to come. They were telling us that we are God for them (Aap Bhagwan ho).”

Rain or shine, the seva arrangement initially for a week, will continue until the need remains.


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