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Sadhu Vaswani Mission sets up COVID Care Centre at Purandar Taluka

Updated: May 19, 2021

Sadhu Vaswani Mission sets up COVID Care Centre at Purandar Taluka

Working with local officials & with the support of Naraindas Morbai Budhrani Trust, a COVID Care Center has been setup by the Mission in Malshiras Village, Purandar Taluka, Maharashtra.

The Mission received a request from the Gram Panchayat and the Zilla Parishad of the Purandar Taluka seeking assistance in isolating patients — asymptomatic and ones with mild symptoms. At the time of the request, the patient testing positive was isolating at home. However, given their tiny homes, the idea of isolation was blurred and family members were constantly amid the patient risking the entire family testing positive. In some cases, the entire family was living out of the home while countering several troubles that included cooking meals, sourcing medicines, among others. Allowing this to continue would have led to a surge in the cases, which is when the local authorities converted a marriage hall into a quarantine centre. However, making the facility isolation compliant was necessary. Sadhu Vaswani Mission, in its humble efforts, stepped in.

30th April 2021, a team of volunteers from the Mission visited the isolation facility and surveyed the infrastructure.

“While at the survey, we observed a few patients already occupying the facility sleeping on the floors. Automatically, the foremost requirement of the centre was to provide the patients with beds. We immediately swung into action and initiated the back-end work through our volunteers. The next requirement was to ensure that the centre was sanitized frequently. Also, we took into consideration the needs of the medical and support staff and shortlisted materials that included monitoring medical equipment. Prioritizing our efforts as per the needs, we began the procurement,” said a Mission official.

5th May 2021, as a part of initial assistance and to equip the centre, the Mission sent 50 beds and mattresses, 200 N-95 Masks, medical tools like Stethoscopes, B.P. Apparatus, sanitation materials for keeping cleanliness, steel containers for water and stationery items as required.

With the first set of material dispatched and ready for use, the Mission then initiated the next steps to complete the procurement of additional requirements.

“We realized that in a situation like this, a time-sensitive approach needs to be followed. Accordingly, we immediately sent the essentials required to make the facility functional. Once that was completed, we readied the list of additional material that is required in an isolation facility and started the procurement,” added the Mission official.

7th May 2021, the Mission sent additional material required for the set-up of the COVID Care Center which included bed-sheets, sanitisation materials and cleaning essentials.

“This was of great help since the marriage hall converted into an isolation facility; the centre has a kitchen of its own. We, therefore, decided to provide ration so that the cooking can be done within the premises of the facility. Surveying the requirement, we procured the necessary rations,” added the official.

10th May 2021, the Mission sent ration to ensure that the patients are provided with nutritious meals during their isolation. Ration items included 40kg sugar, 30kg flour, Tur Dal 30 kgs, Moong Dal 30 kg, Urad Dal 40 kgs, Coconut 40 pc, Kolam rice 210 kgs, Cooking oil and spices & masalas.

Additionally, on 11th May 2021, the Mission sent 30 pillows to the Centre.

On 12th May 2021, the Center was inaugurated in the esteemed presence of Supriya Sule, and respected local authorities. Addressing on the occasion, Supriya Sule appreciated the efforts of the Mission. Rupali Sarnobat, Tehsildar, Purandar Taluka also made a special mention of the expedited action undertaken by the Mission in setting up the Center.

All the material and equipment are dispatched through Mission vans accompanied by Mission volunteers. The volunteers offer personal, timely assistance and help to local authorities in organizing the distribution of material provided.

It is also important to note that the Sadhu Vaswani Mission would only be involved in a supporting role and providing the necessary basic requirements for the set-up of the Centre and all other facilities like doctors, nurses, helpers, oxygen, ambulance and any other emergency requirements are being taken care of by the local government authorities.

The efforts will continue until such times as required.


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