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Sadhu Vaswani Mission serves Mission Possible, Pune

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

This story begins in the year 2006. Padmini Stump lost her 28 years son in a tragic accident in Dubai. She was completely devastated. She did not know how to overcome the grief of losing a young child. To alleviate her sorrow, her friends brought her to meet Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani. He comforts her and asks her to be strong and accept the situation as she had no choice. “I have no strength,” she replied. He asked her to look within and she would find it in plenty. He then in his mercy blessed her and asked her to go serve animals. He told her that they may not take away her pain of losing her son but they would help her heal. She did not put much thought into what Dada meant as she did not know anything about serving animals. Just 3 days later, a puppy walked into her bungalow, changing her life forever. She started taking care of it, naming it Masti. 

That was the beginning of - Mission Possible - a foundation she started with the inspiration of Dada.

Along with Dr. Ravindra Kasbekar, renowned Oncologist, Padmini runs a shelter in Pune for abandoned stray dogs and cats, buffalo rescued from slaughter, an abandoned cow, & a rooster. It has grown over the years to two locations in Saswad and Shankerseth housing over 1000 sick, injured, accidental cases and also rescued strays.

“We have seen her love & dedication, accepting all the complicated rescue cases even in the middle of night, refused by others. We have seen her keeping awake many nights attending to emergency cases. They are treated with love and proper medical care to live a new life. She has given over 5000 rescued strays for adoption without asking for a single rupee in return,” said the SVM volunteer.

With all her mammoth efforts, Padmini has won several awards. “It is a marvel to see her expertise of a seasoned vet and a nurse. Along with Dr. Kasbekar, they both are silently dedicated to the cause 24x7 without much hype,” remarked the SVM volunteer. 

Padmini & Dr. Kasbekar faced many obstacles in their noble cause. Not charging anything for accepting the voiceless rejects, it became a huge expense to maintain the 2 shelters. They have liquidated their assets to keep afloat. The recent cyclone caused more damage to the shelters with the animals getting wet with water coming from the sides, with gushing winds.


It was brought to the notice of SVM. Realizing their critical requirement, SVM immediately rushed to their aid. On 7th June, 32 tarpaulin sheets were bought & sent with a dedicated team of volunteers to set up at the shelters. The seva was accomplished within half a day. In addition, a total of 4000 kgs of rice, poha, and biscuits, sholapuri bedsheets, feeding bowls plus an infrared thermometer was provided. Ration was given for the caretakers too.

“Indeed it is Revered Sadhu Vaswani, who now protects these animals with His invisible hand. This shelter is a blessing of none other than our Revered Sadhu Vaswani and Beloved Dada,” remarked another volunteer. 

The volunteer told Padmini, "Thank You Dada for showing the Mission and thank you Padmini for making it Possible!" to which she replied with all her heart & soul: “Dada has made this MISSION POSSIBLE.” She added, “Ever since you all (SVM volunteers), have come into my life, all the problems of the shelter have been getting resolved so very promptly that it leaves me in awe to see His Grace working all the way.”


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