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Ration Kits to the tribal villages in Maval

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

11th June - 2nd July, 2021

Sadhu Vaswani Mission, in an effort to reach out to needy families belonging to the tribals – Thakur tribe, Katkari tribe and Mahadev Koli tribe – undertook several trips to distribute ration kits.

Volunteers called the villages ‘unchartered territory’. And, therefore, they would leave during the early hours of the morning with a survey sheet provided by the local authorities and reach out to the needy tribes.

“These communities, most of whom are engaged in primitive occupations and manual labour, have suffered immensely from the pandemic curbs. When we were informed of their distress, we began procurement of supplies for preparing ration kits,” shared a volunteer.

The packaging team, working on a tight timeline, completed the packing and loading of ration kits ready-to-be distributed. The distribution team following a 2-hour journey and then traversing through the remote areas reached the villages where the beneficiaries were queued up and waiting for the kits.

“Since we had to cover several villages and ensure that we do not linger much after the sunset as these regions are mostly without street lights and the roads deserted, we completed the distribution at a quick pace,” added the volunteer.

The volunteers had earlier suffered a vehicle breakdown and escaped a near-death experience, which is why, keeping their safety in mind while making sure that the seva goes on, they are requested to reach the meeting point in time.

The distribution was completed in 6 trips with 531 families receiving the ration kits.


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