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Janmashtami celebration - 22 to 24, August 2019

Krishna! Beloved!

True it is,

He who hath Thee

Lacks nothing!

Thou alone sufficeth!

—     Rev. Dada J. P. Vaswani

23rd August 2019, Sadhu Vaswani Mission was enchanted with festivities and celebrations! It was the day of Janmashtami— the celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna, our God incarnate, who tread on our lands 5000 years ago and established dharma!

Year after year, on the day of Ashtami in the month of Bhadrapad, the whole world comes together as one and celebrates the birth of this Apostle of Dharma— Lord Krishna.

At the Mission too, festivities had begun much earlier on the 19th of August with little ones of the St. Mira’s School giving speeches on ‘Krishna Bhakti’. The speeches came from the heart and invoked the Great Lord! Audiences were spellbound at the little ones ability to bring out the emotions of bhakti through their love-filled words and their power of narration.

22nd evening was played the recorded upadesh of Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani. He appealed to all, “Belong to Krishna!”

On the 23rd, the Mission was wearing a festive look. Bhajans, kirtans singing the glory of Sri Krishna reverberated in The Mission premises. Sevas were conducted. 46 needy families were given month’s ration and cash. Needy children were given notebooks and stationery kit.

This was followed by the Moment of Calm awards ceremony. Star campaigners were given a token of appreciation at the hands of Didi Krishna Kumari, Working Chairperson and Mrs Ratna Vaswani, Chairperson. Volunteers who relentlessly and selflessly carry out seva activities too were given a memento.

Finally was the afternoon upadesh of Rev. Dada J. P. Vaswani. Sadhu Vaswani often said, ‘The Krishna-bhakta is aspiration-filled. His heart is parched with thirst. And the longing in him grows that he may pass away and perish at the Lotus Feet of the Lord. Such a Krishna-bhakta may I aspire to be!’ In echoing these very words, Rev. Dada’s upadesh was on Krishna Bhakti wherein he spoke on awakening to the purpose of human birth and seeking longing and yearning from God to attain to Him.

“Lord Krishna is an inspiration for me. He taught us how to balance life. And Dada’s message today is one to take home. I’ll keep repeating to myself how we must have softer hearts that help and heal others and surely we will find God,” said Jyoti Chugh.

“The programme was blissful. Krishna to me is my mother, father, brother; he is my everything! And as Dada said, we all must ask for a grain of bhakti, today and every day of our lives so we may be closer to him,” said Madhu Ramani.

On 24th, Gokulashtami was celebrated in sacred Kutiya and later Krishna Leela was held in the evening satsang.

Janmashtami also marks the 90th Foundation Day of the Sadhu Vaswani Mission. 


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