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Daily Breakfast for Slum Children

New Year 2022, at the Sadhu Vaswani Mission, set in on the note of “sevas seeped in love”. In adherence to the tenets of Dada J.P. Vaswani – “serve as many as you can, in as many as ways as you can”, the Mission started yet another initiative of serving breakfast to children in the Yerwada locality of Pune.

The Mission was approached by social workers who have been carrying out developmental work and have undertaken the cause of children residing in the Yerwada area. Every morning, police cadets train the children in many skills. The social workers realised the need for a healthy breakfast and knew of the many service activities carried out by the Mission and therefore reached out to us. Following a survey, the Mission began the seva of distributing breakfast to 200 children including volunteers in Yerwada. The children come from the slums; some are orphans, some are single-parent children, while the parents of some are daily wagers with minimal earning. A wholesome meal, therefore, becomes difficult for them. Besides, following physical activity and given that the children are in their growing years, they have a good appetite; it, therefore, is necessary that the kids get the meal they deserve.

The idea is to nourish the mind along with the body. While they have physical activities, we realised how important a meal is in shaping the mind of a child. As the saying goes, “jaisa ann, vesa mann – as is the food, so is the mind”, the Mission wished to join the cause of the true development of the child. The children are assembled at a recreation center made available for this purpose. The children are between the age of 4-18 years and are overjoyed to have a new menu on their plate every day! They pray before their meals and it is these small deeds that go a long way in character building. The menu is different for each day such as poha, upma, subji pav, and more. It is cooked at the Mission’s Pimpri Center and delivered to the distribution area. 4-5 volunteers of the Mission carry out the seva. The sevas began on 24th January 2022 and is an ongoing seva and will continue till necessary.


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