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Dada Vaswani’s 4th Mahayagna (Anniversary) & Guru Purnima

10th - 13th July 2022

Dada Vaswani’s 4th Mahayagna (Anniversary) & Guru Purnima

When our empty hearts miss you again and again: We hear your footsteps, even in storm and rain. When your absence leaves us in a daze: You revive us with your cool moon like rays. When distance from you makes us feel lifeless: Your warmth, like the sun, is peerless and timeless. When pierced by the pain of separation: You soothe us with your loving benediction. It may seem you are physically away: Your luminescent love brightens our every day. Didi Krishna Kumari

July 10th-13th,2022, in observance of Revered Dada’s 4th Mahayagna, Sadhu Vaswani Mission conducted live programmes, prayers and held satsangs. Sadhu Vaswani Centers across the globe too held satsangs and sessions. Devotees from India and abroad, despite the heavy rain alerts, attended the live programmes at the Pune Headquarters. In Revered Dada’s beloved memory, the days 11-13th were themed as Naata Yeh Ruhani, Kisi Raah to Mil Mere Dada, and Om Namoh Gurudeva.

July 10,2022, was marked by the inauguration of the Sadhu Vaswani Center, Pimpri. This is the first centre to be blessed with the interning of Revered Dada’s sacred ashes. On the occasion, Didi Krishna said, “We have to imbibe the teachings from the satsang into our lives. We need to fulfil the purpose of our human birth. Therefore, make the most of the divine atmosphere given to us so that when Beloved Dada awaits us across the shore, we are purified and ready.”

The evening programme, at the Mission Headquarters, featured a session on ‘tributes by youth on Dada’. They reminisced and recalled fond memories of Revered Dada. Their heartfelt tributes were filled with anecdotes, personal experiences, and precious moments spent in the Master’s presence.

July 11, 2022 schools under the aegis of the Mission conducted programmes including skits, musical plays, and more. In the evening session, a recorded talk of Revered Dada was broadcast live.

In his talk, he spoke of purification of the heart and said, “Inner purification takes place when we are in the company of saints, when we come to the satsang, and chant the baani of the saints, we chant the Name Divine, take care of the poor and needy in a spirit of unselfishness. Then one day our inner instrument is illumined. And the mirror of the heart is cleansed and in this clean mirror we see our Beloved.”

July 12, 2022, the sacred day when Revered Dada left his mortal body, began with the Prabhat Pheri – Morning Procession where devotees, braving the rains, walked on the streets of Pune while chanting and singing the Holy Name. The hour-long procession started from Dada’s sacred kutiya and covered the Mission campus and the Pune Camp areas, and concluded at the sacred samadhis. A morning satsang at the Sacred Samadhi was held followed by afternoon and evening sessions. The day concluded with the vigil session singing Nuri-Anjali bhajans until 12 midnight.

July 13, 2022, the day when his body was consigned to the flames, began with the lighting of 108 havans and the recitation of the Gayatri mantra. On this day, Revered Dada’s sacred kutiya was opened for darshan for the devotees.

In the afternoon session, Didi Krishna gave a heartfelt talk where she said, “We feel Beloved Dada’s ever-living presence. Indeed, the guru’s grace is the richest treasure we can receive. And the true treasure that we receive at the feet of the guru, his grace, is the Name Divine. Let us chant the Name Divine and fulfil the purpose of human birth.”

As the session concluded, there were several tear-touched eyes. One of the devotees said, “Didi’s talk made me feel Beloved Dada’s eternal blessings and presence within.”

Devotees then partook from the langar.

The day also marked the auspicious Guru Purnima. In the evening session, recorded talks of Sadhu Vaswani and Revered Dada were played.

Sadhu Vaswani in his discourse said, “Often darkness engulfs us, and makes us swirl in the gorge. Without the Guru, darkness cannot be dispelled. Often darkness engulfs us, and makes us swirl in the gorge.”

Revered Dada, in his talk, said, “If you find a dear one of God, never leave him. Build your life in his teachings, earn his company, serve the guru and one blessed day, the guru will be pleased with you and he will give you a treasure you cannot get from anywhere else.”

Marking the 4th Mahayagna, service activities were held. In Daridra Narayan sevas, freshly cooked meals – rice, mixed vegetables, samosa pav and gulab jamun were served to the poor. In medical sevas patients were provided free and concessional treatments. 193 families were given ration kits, stray dogs in Saswad were fed. As a part of Guru Purnima sevas, 130 needy families received ration kits, 50 transgenders were given hygiene kits (bath soap, washing soap, coconut oil, toothpaste, dishwashing soap).


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