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Cheti Chand celebration at Sadhu Vaswani Mission

The Sindhi New Year, Cheti Chand, was welcomed amidst love, light and devotion at the Sadhu Vaswani Mission, Pune on Sunday 7thApril, 2019.

A picturesque rangoli depicting the Sindhi Culture & a devotional pedestal with the portrait of Lord Jhulelal welcomed the devotees as they entered the Mission. Lit at the pedestal was a luminous lamp in which shone the portrait in its divine element. The décor was simple yet magnificent its own light. Everyone bowed down to Jhulelal as they joined in the program.

Soulful rendition of a series of Sindhi kalams and Nuri-Anjali bhajans by Manjushree Assudani Tejwani ushered in an atmosphere of sheer divinity. She was blessed to sing in Rev. Dada’s physical presence on many occasions.

Next, was an address by the compere who spoke of the Sindhi culture and how they have managed to survive the several ebbs and flows of the partition, relinquishing their lives and properties in Sindh and emerging victorious from all the ordeals while carving a niche for themselves as a community of recognized businessmen who always engage in charitable activities. This was followed by a short lively skit.

Finally, it was time for the messages by the Masters. Upadesh by Gurudev Sadhu Vaswani and Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani was played. It is not about the year, it is about you, said Rev. Dada. We have to become new. And one way to do so is to cultivate the quality of always seeing the good in others. Do not find faults in others. Go on seeing good in all. This would help the community draw closer to each other. He also emphasized the importance of speaking the mother-tongue. It is the soul of the community. 


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