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Bhoomi Puja for Dada JP Vaswani's Samadhi

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

2nd April 2022, Sadhu Vaswani Mission held a historic programme on the auspicious occasion of Cheti Chand – the Sindhi New Year. The Mission organized the Bhoomi Puja of the Sacred Samadhi of Dada J.P. Vaswani. It will be built on the premises of the Mission, in the same spot where his sacred pyre was lit. The samadhi will be adjacent to Sadhu Vaswani's samadhi, his Master. A model of the unique design planned for the Sacred Samadhi was also displayed. The shrine will become a place of pilgrimage where many come to pay their homage to the One whom they revered and from whose flowing fountain of love they experienced joy and peace.

The day began with recitations from the scriptures starting at 7:00 AM and continuing all day long. The morning session was marked by the lighting of 108 havans and 108 times recitation of the Gayatri Mantra. A Shastra Puja (worshipping of tools) with inscribing Dada on them was performed. The 11:30 AM session featured kirtan & bhajans, followed by a talk by Didi Krishna Kumari, and discourses of Sadhu Vaswani and Dada J.P. Vaswani.

Didi Krishna in her talk said, “The word Samadhi means union with God. Every single moment of Beloved Dada’s life was spent in Samadhi. His every thought, every action emerged from oneness. We once asked Beloved Dada, “What should we do to experience this oneness with the divine?” In response, he gave us three ideals. The first was purity of heart, the second unwavering faith, and the third love for God and his creation. We all wish that our lives too should culminate in this union.”

An unveiling of the model of the Sacred Samadhi was done at the hands of Dr. K.H. Sancheti, Founder, Sancheti Hospital. The architect, Reza Kabul, who created the masterpiece design, was also felicitated.

12:45 PM the auspicious ceremony of Bhoomi Puja was performed with the breaking of the coconut and amid resounding chants, the sacred work began. Devotees from across the world joined the service – kar seva (seva with hands). An atmosphere of enthusiasm and devotion reverberated in the Mission.

Dignitaries and spiritual heads graced the occasion.

Father Thomas Dabre, Bishop of Pune said, “Dada verily understood the essence of religion; he lived the message of religion.”

Dr. K.H. Sancheti said, “It feels extraordinarily overwhelming. Dada’s vibration can be experienced everywhere.”

Mata Kashyap of Punyadham Ashram shared, “I feel entranced. The atmosphere is enveloped in divinity.”

Another devotee, Geeta Singh, shared with teary eyes, “Beloved Dada’s light is something that is not restricted to the physical body alone, one can feel him here; his presence is more than ever. As for his Sacred Samadhi, it is like a magnet I am drawn to. Indeed, one cannot limit him but the Samadhi is a signage that tells me to pause, gaze and wonder at his limitlessness.”

Following the Bhoomi Puja, langar prasad was served to all present.

In the evening, another satsang session was held featuring the discourse of revered Dada.

The Mission, abiding by the tenets of the Masters, believes that no occasion is complete without a service activity. On this day, the Mission distributed ration kits to 130 needy families, joy packets to 372 children, and stationery to 372 children.

The day was marked by love, devotion, and fond memories of the beloved Master.


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