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Baal Mela at Raigad marking the start of Sadhu Vaswani's birthday!

12th November 2022

Children’s laughter and joy marks the beginning of Sadhu Vaswani’s 143rd birthday celebrations! Bal mela organised in Raigad!

  • 240 children get a set of brand-new clothes and slippers

  • A fun time with delicacies like samosa, gulab jamun and more!

  • Pune IT Company employees join in as their CSR activity

“Children come with radiant faces and singing hearts,” said Sadhu Vaswani as he went on to ask, “Do they not come to renew the child-heart that slumbers still in the grown-up ones?”

Indeed, Sadhu Vaswani loved and treasured little ones. It is therefore befitting that his birthday be celebrated by celebrating the little ones themselves! A time when grown-ups too once again become childlike!

On 12th November 2022, Sadhu Vaswani Mission took a joy-filled fun fair for children all the way to the remote rural village in Khandala. The Mission regularly organises Bal Mela – a fun fair for children. This is, however, the first time that a bal mela has been held in a rural area. On this day, 10 students of the Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Students (SVIMS) and 12 employees of Sagitec Solutions Pvt. Ltd., accompanied about 4 volunteers of the Mission as they headed to bring happiness to 240 little ones and rejoice in their cheer and laughter!

Starting as early as 8:30 am the team reached the designated school where students from 2 schools had assembled in one to partake in the bal mela! “SVIMS students organised fun-filled games for the children and they joined in with utmost enthusiasm. Some were initially shy but soon opened up much to the delight of all of us! Watching them sing and dance about made us forget the journey we undertook to get there. Their energy was contagious as we too became a part of all the fun!” shared a volunteer.

A sumptuous meal awaited the kids next. The Mission had provided cooking essentials for preparing a delicious meal. The school made all the cooking arrangements and the food was certainly a feast. From rice, dal, and yummy veggies, it was both nutritious and tasty. “From the Mission, we had additionally taken along samosas, apples, and fruity,” he added. What’s more, the much-loved gulab jamun too was distributed to everyone’s delight!

Parents too joined the games and got the much-needed break from their everyday routine; genuine happiness was seen on their faces. The accompanying parents too had a great time and created memories with their kids.

Additionally, the Mission also distributed new clothes to the children with the boys receiving t-shirts and jeans and the girls receiving kurti and leggings. Each child was given a set of two clothes; slippers too were distributed. The sports facility of the school was given a carom board, cricket kit, football, and frisbee to encourage the kids to play both indoor and outdoor games.

Soon, it was time to return to the Mission. But something was different, everyone had revisited their childhood! A great beginning to Sadhu Vaswani’s 143rd birthday celebrations!


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