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A Plentiful at Diwali - The Mela at Manjri School

Located in the backdrop of nature, the Sadhu Vaswani Gurukul, Manjri for the underprivileged and a free-of-charge school is a delight to visit.

The school organized a Diwali Mela for the children. On 1st November, the kids were enthusiastic and jubilant, all waiting eagerly to start off with the Diwali Party!

Manju Nichani addressed all the children and encouraged them to sing bhajans and poems, something they all were adept at! Not to mention, all of these kids were from the kindergarten and they already knew so much – including the Mantra ‘Om burbu vah swaha…’

Speaking to Ms. Rita Tripathi, a faculty at the school, she said, “It’s a beautiful experience being here! The children are brilliant and at par with peers of other schools!”

“I couldn’t agree more,” said Ms. Vibha Ghodajkar. “The children are hyper active, yes, but they are very cooperative too. And what of the premises and infrastructure, it is all of international standards. The management too is supportive and caring.”

As they proceeded to the celebration area, Shashank Ombhase, the singer for the afternoon had the children rapt in attention. They joined him in choral for Hare Krishna Hare Ram Dada Shyam and other divine tunes with all the energy brimming in them!

This was followed by a magic show which the children wanted to go on much after the scheduled time. Next, the children were asked to take the center are and dance to kirtan mixes.

It was then time for the food and refreshments. Vada pav, pastries, juices, ice creams, candies, chocolates; the children couldn’t have asked for more! Their happiness was simply contagious! On a daily basis, the children are provided with a nutritious breakfast and a lunch with a menu that is different throughout the month.

Finally, it was gift distribution time. Each child was given 4 trousers, a t-shirt and 2 pairs of shoes – making it was a true Diwali for them!

They all went home with a smile on their faces and happiness in their hearts.


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