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56th Mahayagna (Death Anniversary) of Sadhu Vaswani

56 years ago, on 16th January 1966, Sadhu Vaswani passed on. His cremation was done on 17th January, at the spot where his Samadhi stands now in Sadhu Vaswani Mission. Since then, each year, the Mission observes the two dates with prayers, recitations from scriptures, satsangs, sevas and recorded talks of Sadhu Vaswani and his disciple Dada J.P. Vaswani, who later led the Mission to greater heights. Didi Krishna Kumari, the current head of the Mission, in her talk, spoke of her association with Sadhu Vaswani and how at the young age of three, she came in his contact. She has been associated with the Mission since then, dedicating her life to the Gurus.

In the early morning of 16th January, at 6AM, 'Prabhat Pheri' a procession was held within the Mission premises. Kirtan chants echoed aloud. The procession is an annual tradition. But this year it was held within the premises with only 50-people, in adherence to the pandemic protocols. This was followed by a morning program in the room of Sadhu Vaswani commemorating his time of passing at 8:22 AM.

On 17th January, 5:15PM, a prayer session was held at the samadhi spot where his physical body was consigned to the flames. An audio prayer by Dada Vaswani was played in the Guru's memory and invoking the well-being of humanity.

Seva activities were also conducted in his memory as his main teaching was that service of the poor is the worship of God. Ration kits were given to 125 single women in slums. Also, ration kits, 2 blankets each and joy packets were distributed to 100 needy families and their children. Another 250 sweaters and joy packets to children and ration kits were given to 130 needy families in Pune, Pimpri, and Daund. Medical sevas were conducted at healthcare institutions of the Mission.

Owing to the continued pandemic situation, the Mahayagna 2022 programmes were organised with only 50 persons in attendance as per the protocol and broadcast live for other followers longing to hear the message of the Masters.

About Sadhu T.L. Vaswani:

Sadhu Vaswani, born in Hyderabad-Sind of undivided India, was an educationist, writer, orator, and a pioneer of upliftment of women and the girl child. In 1929, he started the Sakhi Satsang and the Sakhi Stores. In 1933, he established the Mira Movement in Education for the girl-child with a focus on character-building Following the partition, he moved to India and made Pune his headquarters and brought with him the Mira Movement. Today, it has grown from strength to strength and has 18+ schools and colleges across India and abroad. He was also a patriot who closely worked with Mahatma Gandhi in the Satyagraha Movement and also other freedom struggle stalwarts including Rabindranath Tagore, Lokamanya Tilak among others. As a speaker at the WELT Congress in Berlin in 1910, he gave the message of “Atmagyan” to westerners. An academician par excellence with an M.A Degree he helmed several leading colleges as the principal. Eventually, to dedicate his life to God, he renounced a promising career and life and became a “fakir” and spread the message of God. He was also a fervent advocate of animal rights and unequivocally said: Stop All Slaughter! His life was marked with divinity, love, compassion, and service to the poor. Revered as a Saint of Modern India, his life and teachings continue to inspire seekers across the globe.


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