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2-day Seva at Saswad, Purandar and Jejuri

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

  • Sadhu Vaswani Mission organises a 2-day seva to Saswad, Purandar and Jejuri

  • 40 villages covered

  • 2400 ration kits distributed to needy families

  • Ration kits to provide 1,44,000 meals to 9600 people

  • 18 volunteers on the task-force, 15 vehicles manage logistics

Sadhu Vaswani Mission, in coordination with local bodies, organised a two-day seva, and reached out to remote areas of Saswad, Purandar and Jejuri.

40 villages were covered in the 2-day span and 2400 ration kits were distributed. “The Tehsildar undertook a survey and prepared a list that included absolutely needy families who were in dire need and living in utter poverty. As soon as we received the list, we packed the ration kits and set up a local, central warehouse near the distribution areas. The following day, we carried out the distribution of the kits,” said an official of the Mission.

“Given the distance and anticipating the probability of making a visit in the future, we ensured that the kits were packed in such a manner and included items that would last at least for a 15 days,” informed another official of the Mission. The rations kits provided by the Mission contains 5kg wheat flour, 2kg dal, 2kg pulses, 1kg poha/sabudana/suji, 1kg sugar, 1ltr cooking oil, 250gms tea powder and a hygiene kit including 2 bathing soaps, 2 washing soaps, 1 toothpaste and 1 bottle coconut oil. Rice, the Mission was informed, is grown locally and is available with the villagers.

With a team of 18 volunteers and 15 vehicles, the Mission set out to serve. “We left in the early hours and all our vehicles were driven by the volunteers themselves,” the official informed.

The topography at these locations is both plain and mountainous. “The roads leading to these locations are well-tarred and it helped us save considerable time. We reached there in about an hour and a half. The journey to Jejuri was another 18 kms further. The interior of the villages is where we had to drive on a difficult terrain,” added the official. “But again, the list was comprehensive and distribution spots well-defined, so the execution was efficient,” said a volunteer.

The two day seva concluded with a relief of bringing 1,44,000 meals to nearly 9600 people. "The need is rising and we hope to reach out to as many as possible," said the official.

Coordination and distribution was carried with adherence to pandemic protocols. Recipients were briefed on social distancing and non-crowding a day earlier to the distribution.


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