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Three months on, Dada lives on

October 12, 2018 marks the third month when Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani moved on from the seen to the unseen on the 12th of July, 2018.

On this day, special programs were organized at the Pune Mission. The morning session included a period of silence commemorating the time of Beloved Dada’s passing.

The afternoon session of bhajans & kirtan left many teary-eyed. “His love is unforgettable. I remember the glimpse of God that we would get each time we looked into his eyes.” said Naina Budhrani.

A seva of daily supplies, school supplies and groceries benefitted the children of of The Ayodhya Charitable Trust, Residential School for the Deaf. They were specially brought in and also treated to a sumptuous lunch prasad. “It’s a beautiful place to be. We and our students love to visit the Mission. It has done a lot for us. Dada is our benefactor,” said Dipali Shete, a tutor at the school. “The seva that was conducted, shows the impact he has left on this world. It shows how he continues to inspire us from the beyond,” remarked a satsangi. The afternoon session concluded with the serving of langar. The evening witnessed soulful bhajans and awakening upadesh by Rev. Dada J. P. Vaswani. ‘Cultivate faith in God if you want to walk the spiritual path. As your faith in God increases, your inner shaktis will be revealed to you. Then you will not fear anything because God fulfils your needs even before the need arises. We should seek this gift of faith in God from God,’ was the message from Dada’s video talk. “His voice always encourages me to move forward towards leading a life of positivity,” remarked Vinita Tolani from Muscat. The program concluded with the Deepak Yatra at Rev. Dada’s Samadhi.


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