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Ration Kits Seva at Junnar

21st & 22nd June 2021

626 Ration Kits Distributed at Junnar

21st and 22nd June 2021 Sadhu Vaswani Mission, in a two-day seva, distributed 626 ration kits to the tribal community at Junnar Taluka.

The region is a mountainous terrain with several small villages in the Taluka.

“We had to cover a distance of 300 km – two-way – each day. We, therefore, started early at 7:00 am. Once we got there we divided ourselves into 3 teams and dispersed to our shortlisted villages and completed the distribution. We had to wrap up the seva as early as possible given the distance we had to cover on our way back,” said a volunteer.

The volunteers take small breaks to have their lunch meals and resume the distribution immediately. At times, they have to have their meals as they are moving from one location to another.

“The seva continues post our return as the sanitizing and loading of ration kits, by the packaging team, for the next day begins immediately,” he added.

The seva benefited the tribal community that has been reeling under the loss of wages owing to the ongoing pandemic.


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