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Ration Kits seva at Bhorgiri Village

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

12th June 2021

12th June 2021, Sadhu Vaswani Mission served 150 ration kits to the Katkari and Thakur tribes at Bhorgiri Village near Bhimashankar and neighbouring areas.

Bhorgiri is located in a lush green expanse, with a combination of the plateau and hilly terrain, with a scenic beauty unlike any other! Tourists look forward to a quiet retreat from their every day, rushed lives. But the story is different now, with the pandemic continuing to spread across states and cities and even into the rural regions, the place has a deserted look with only the inhabitants occupying it. Moreover, belonging to the tribal community their occupations are primitive and therefore they are in dire need of everyday supplies.

Sadhu Vaswani Mission, further to a survey and a list of the tribes provided by the local authorities, in a one-day, seva carried out the distribution of ration kits.

“The condition is utterly poor and what bothered us the most was their living conditions. At one place, we saw over 25 people living in the tiny houses constructed in the middle of the fields. We had to walk all the way and the place was muddy from the rains. We had to walk cautiously to save us from slipping in the mud; it is impossible to walk with footwear. Most of the tribes were walking barefoot here. Their need was urgent!” recalled a volunteer.

The Mission in 2 cars and with 5 volunteers conducted this seva.


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