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Notebooks & Stationery Seva by the Sadhu Vaswani Mission

12th & 19th July 2022 - Heavy rains, difficult terrain, and a long distance to go… Is it worth going all the way? The answer is a big loud YES! After all, little children of a tiny village, in a distant school were eagerly waiting for their new books, new stationery, for their all new academic year!

12th July, in the early hours of the morning, 8 volunteers braving the torrential rains set out on their onward journey to the remote villages in Saswad, Purandar Taluka. Driving 3 vans all loaded with notebooks and stationery, the volunteers steadily and cautiously drove all the way to the village where the hopeful children were waiting.

“We reached the designated school and our eyes met with the little ones. There was curiosity, excitement, and a visible enthusiasm. Not wasting time, we immediately unloaded the vans. The children were queued up and one by one came and collected their notebook and stationery sets,” said a volunteer.

“It was endearing to watch them check their sets and show them to their teachers. And once the school bell rang and they made their journey to their homes, one thing was for sure, they would return the next day with a renewed vigour and interest to study, learn and grow.” added the volunteer.

Sadhu Vaswani Mission’s endeavour, with the help of kind supporters, is to reach out to as many students as possible studying in remote rural schools and provide them with the basic necessities of books and stationery.

On this day, 1401 notebook and stationery sets were distributed to primary students and 312 notebook and stationery sets were distributed to secondary students. The seva was conducted at 4 locations (Garade, Bopgaon, Chambali and Dive) where school children from 50 nearby villages were brought together for the distribution.

In continuance of the notebooks and stationery distribution sevas to poor and needy children, we organised another distribution drive on 19th July 2022.

The dawn was filled with enthusiasm and activity at the Mission. Despite frequent trips for the notebook and stationery sevas, the zeal of the volunteers was intact. If anything, they were thoroughly excited to once again meet children who were eagerly waiting for their shiny new stationery sets and brand new notebooks! 3 vans and 8 volunteers with a ‘jo bole so nihal, sat sri akal!” set out on their journey to Saswad in Purandar Taluka.

The seva was carried out at 5 locations. Each location had a school designated as the distribution centre. Children from 60 villages gathered at their nearest school to collect their notebooks and stationery sets.

“The excitement of the children drives our enthusiasm for the sevas! The very fact that a stationery and notebook set can bring them back to school, and give them the opportunity to complete their education is more than enough of an inspiration for us to keep going. It encourages us to carry out more such distributions!” continued the volunteer.

“What’s more! One must not miss how all the little ones gave a shoutout of ‘Thank You, Dada! and Dada Shyam!’ It is indeed a gratitude to the Master who helps us reach out to the remotest schools where little children are eager to learn and grow,” added the volunteer.

On this day, the Mission distributed 1098 notebooks and stationery sets to primary and secondary children.

The seva was conducted at 5 locations (Yadavwadi, Parinche, Mahoor, Veer, and Pargaon) where children from 60 nearby villages were brought together under local schools for distribution.


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