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New in Pimpri: A seva seeped in devotion - 25th November 2020

On the sacred occasion of Sadhu Vaswani’s birthday, 25th November 2020, Sadhu Vaswani Mission initiated a ‘breakfast seva’ in Pimpri. Freshly cooked, warm breakfast to the poor and needy is being served daily at Pimpri; adding to the Mission’s seva locations.

Volunteers from Sadhu Vaswani Centre Pimpri are actively engaged in executing the seva. Starting as early as 6 am, volunteers gather at the centre and whilst singing devotional songs and kirtans cut vegetables for the meals of ‘Daridra Narayan’.

“Every day, we reach the Pimpri centre to the melody of the Amrit vela echoing from a nearby Gurudwara; the only divine music in an otherwise quiet and hushed street,” smiled a volunteer.

At 6 am, the volunteers open the centre and start with the task of vegetable-cutting. Another volunteer, in charge of cooking, arrives by 7am and prepares the breakfast meal, assisted by the volunteers. The breakfast is ready by 8 am and the packing starts immediately and soon the breakfast is ready to be served. Keeping in mind the ongoing pandemic and ensuring uniform distribution, the Mission, decided to pack the meals instead of distributing with serving spoons and cutlery; an earlier practice.

At the centre, are volunteers with jobs who regardless of their official commitments manage to spare time for the morning seva that goes on up to 11 am!

“There are volunteers here who work on USA-based night shift jobs up to 5 am. They come straight from their jobs to do seva till 11am and then go home. After the distribution, work still remains to be done - cleaning the centre, washing the utensils and purchasing vegetables for the next day,” added a volunteer.

Grocery is provided by the Sadhu Vaswani Mission headquarters and vegetables are purchased by the Centre’s volunteers.

The volunteers remark, “The recipients give us compliments on the preparations and also share their preferences! It’s heartwarming!”

Sadhu Vaswani Mission at Pimpri distributes a total of 125-135 packed breakfasts to the poor and needy at Sai Chowk and other nearby areas. Meals include varieties of rice, poha, upma, dal khichdi, vada pav among others. Daily, 12-13 volunteers devote themselves to the breakfast seva.


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