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​Didi Krishna Kumari Delivers Keynote Address at FFD’s 10th Anniversary

5th February 2023, Didi Krishna delivered the keynote address at a special function organized by Freedom From Diabetes (FFD) to mark its 10th anniversary.

Speaking at the event, Didi Krishna said, “We consider health and happiness as twin goals of our life. Many of us believe that if we are healthy, we are happy, but we fail to realize that if we are happy, we automatically become healthy. Happiness generates health, and true happiness comes when we forget our pains, help others, and become helpers of humanity.”

Didi Krishna also shared the four secrets to well-being: mindfulness, gratitude as being the biggest immunity booster, understanding the power of breathing, and engaging in the service of humanity.

Emphasizing the importance of gratitude, she said, “See the good, life will take a different turn. I remember there was a conference of health specialists, and they asked Dada, “What should we do? What is the one prescription we should give all patients?” and Dada said, “the prescription is in four words: ‘Stop Complaining and Start Thanking’.” Complaining has become a part of our nature. Despite having the best of everything, we find something missing. Let us ‘Stop Complaining and Start Thanking’. It has been scientifically proven that ‘grateful hearts heal faster’. Grateful hearts radiate those vibrations that help people who surround them heal too.

The founder of FFD, Dr PramodTripathi, also spoke of his vision for the initiative. The event was held to a packed audience at the MCCIA Trade Tower, Pune.


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