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Sadhu Vaswani Mission serves in 8 villages of Mangaon/Panshet during corona pandemic

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

In the rustic charm amidst the mighty Sahyadri mountains, hunger dwells.

The terrain was rough and bumpy but the destination made up for the journey. Upon reaching Panshet, our volunteers team split into two and set out and serve the families. We realised they were in dire need of daily essentials. Every house had a story weaved in itself. Homes covered with tarpaulin sheets and hearts with gold welcomed each of us to come and share the traditional ‘Bhakri’ made and served with love. We shared with them our Beloved Master Dada JP Vaswani’s love by distributing ration kits that will serve their needs in the days that follow. Their love and reverence for Dada was pure and divine and their gratitude and blessings genuine and sincere. One such incident that I recall is of a family with a special child; this child was given a chocolate and biscuit packet and his happiness knew no bounds. Instances as these make us want to reach out to more and more people in need of essentials and of course, love!

This seva was carried out on 25th June by Sadhu Vaswani Mission in 8 Mangaon/ Panshet villages. 215 ration kits were distributed to needy families belonging to the tribal community and daily wage earners.


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