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New Year’s Eve

Sadhu Vaswani Mission headquarters, Pune gleamed in the divine moonlight of the New Year’s Eve.

Bhajans, kirtans and seva marked the celebrations. Devotees were seen thronging the Mission with one wish to ‘Be By their Gurudev’- Rev. Dada J. P. Vaswani.

“It’s 25 years today that I have been coming to the Mission on the New Year’s Eve. I know, Dada is here and he will always be,” said Rekha Balani who came all the way from Lucknow.

Another devotee from New Delhi said, “It’s special. It’s over 15 years that I visit on the 31st of December but there always something new that I take home.”

Themed as ‘Be By Us Gurudev’ the Mission from 10:30 pm to midnight was echoing to ecstatic kirtans. Highlights of 2018, a much-awaited annual segment, was one of the finest moments of the New Year’s Eve. With the best of Dada’s wit and teachings, the highlights were stirring, emotional and awakening.

A vachan from the Nuri Granth was read out to the devotees which was apt to the evening. This was followed by the upadesh of Rev. Dada. The teachings were one to abide by for the rest of the life. Briefly, it spoke of three must-do things in the New Year which included, every day one must practise silence for little time. One must sit in silence to become New, one must establish a link of love and devotion to God. Make God real to oneself. God is here & God is Now. One must establish some sort of relationship with God like father, mother, Master, brother, friend to make one’s heart NEW and finally to do some simple act of service every day.

Deepak Yatra to the Samadhi marked the conclusion of the program. The devotees had stepped into 2019 with renewed love, devotion and faith for the Lord with Dada by their side.

Sevas continued on past midnight wherein devotees went about the city distributing blankets to the poor who were battling the winter chills. The seva will continue throughout the winter months.


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