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How Can We Really Know Dada?

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

—Didi Krishna Kumari —Working Chairperson, Sadhu Vaswani Mission Sadhu Vaswani was a master-artist whose works captivated many hearts. But the most exquisite and unique work he created was Rev. Dada J. P. Vaswani. Minutely and painstakingly he chiseled, moulded and shaped him. The kinship, the affinity between these two kindred souls grew into an unbreakable eternal bond. Every opportunity Dada received to be in his Guru’s presence, in his divine aura, contributed significantly to his spiritual upliftment. Once when the disciple and the Master were engaged in an intimate personal conversation, Dada asked Sadhu Vaswani: “The birth of this physical form was through my mother. You have given me another birth – you have released me from the womb of maya. Where was I before that?” Looking deeply and lovingly at Dada, Sadhu Vaswani said: “You are the child of my tears. Before I sculpted you, I imprinted your image in the recesses of my heart. Your true form had already taken shape within me. It was then that I manifested you. You were like a dream dancing before my eyes. Just as a bud blossoms into a flower – my dream bloomed into you… “In this age of noise and din, clamour and craving, may you bear witness to the kingdom of God. That is your True Home. Always keep your faith in the Rishis of India and kindle that same faith in the lives of all who come in contact with you. May you be drenched in a ceaseless flow of blessings from the Rishis and spend your life in service and sacrifice. May you experience the unity of all life. Therefore may you be a friend of all. May you be a burden bearer and lift their loads. “Hold aloft the ideals of the Rishis and make India once again a land of True light and wisdom.” Such was the blessing Sadhu Vaswani bestowed on Dada. Little wonder, all who came in proximity with Dada, all who closely associated with him exclaimed: “O captivator of minds, O stealer of hearts, whose smile ravishes many hearts. Tell us who you truly are? “When we are by your side, we feel protected. In your presence, we feel uplifted. When at your lotus feet we seek solace, we are loath to return to the world.” Every day he would come from the land of silence and meet the aspiring souls who gathered to get a glimpse of his radiant face. They waited with bated breath for his arrival. He would slip into the room silently, but somehow his vibrations, which gave rise to an exciting tingle, would precede him. He would come and sit on a simple chair and with a calm smile and folded hands would greet them all and converse with them with care and concern, love and humility. His first question would be: “My dear ones, how are you? How did you spend the day?” They were run-of the mill, ordinary questions. Yet there was something inexplicable about them – some magic in his voice – some wonder in his look that made the stress and strain of the day get washed away and disappear. Sometimes his words would make us laugh, sometimes they made us cry. Sometimes he would be silent and we would strain to hear his soft words. At other times his words were like the endless flow of a river. His sweet, penetrating voice would pierce our inner being, would make our spirits soar. The anecdotes he narrated were simple and straightforward, yet the encouragement and impetus they gave us would direct our steps on the right path at least for the next 24 hours till he met us again. His teachings were like a map, given to us on a platter to help us tread the path of goodness. To seekers he provided sadhanas (disciplines) to prepare them. To pilgrims who lost themselves in the ocean of life, he was a life-boat. To those who were in a dilemma, he dispelled their doubts. To those lost in the darkness of despair he brought the light of hope and courage. To those who succumbed to pain and illness – he filled them with energy and vitality. His teachings cannot be merely inscribed on paper. Their enormity and depth, their potency and power can be assimilated if they are written in words of fire on the tablets of our hearts. Like a furnace purifying gold, his words should purify our hearts and make them worthy of being offered to him. Only when we try to put into practice his teachings, will we get a glimpse of who Dada is. To know, to understand, to realise the reality of Dada is a task that can be attempted only by those who choose to walk the rough and rocky path towards bliss eternal.


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