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Gurukul in New Jersey!

Take care of your children. We have thrown them to the TV screens. Your richest tresure are your children. Take care of them, they are our future. I believe that the day will come...we are a minority community but that is our opportunity....the day will come when we will be a shining example for all the Indian community!”

- Rev. Dada J. P. Vaswani

Gurukul Classes with six amazing staff and teachers in Closter, NJ, are completely full for this year.

However, the new Gurukul at the East Brunswick Center is still accepting students with a choice of Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon classes. Please register your little ones today, and also pass along the good news to your  family and friends by forwarding this message. 

If one would like to learn about other Sadhu Vaswani Gurukul locations in the New York area or start a new Gurukul inspired by revered Dada’s teachings, please kindly contact Prakash Tewani by WA at +1 ‭914 564 9316‬. 


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