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Rev. Dada J. P. Vaswani at Hyderabad, Dec 14- 19, 2012

Revered Dada arrived in Hyderabad on the 14th of December 2012. He was warmly welcomed at the airport with lovely floral banquets, beautifully decorated trays of dry fruits sprinkled with love of anticipating hearts and colorful chocolates which he distributed to the sangat that had gathered to receive their Master.

On December 15, the next day, there was an English talk on ‘The Three Secrets of Happiness’ in the Ramakrishna Math. The crowd anxious to know what the secrets were had gathered in large numbers. As Rev. Dada took the stage, the hall was jam-packed. People eager to get a glimpse of his Divine Radiant Face stood up in respect as he walked to take his seat.

Dr. Haresh Mirchandani greeted one and all and gave a brief report about the Mission activities. The Presiding Head of Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad spoke a few words of welcome. He said that Dadaji is a living embodiment of the teachings of Sri Ramakrishna in the current world.

Revered Dada started his talk by saying that in the ultimate analysis, each one of us wants to be happy. Citing the teaching given by a Holy One to a young man desperately seeking happiness, he said, “We must learn to want what we have rather than have what we want.” It is our desires that make us unhappy. We must learn to control our desires and be happy with what we have.

He then went on to reveal the three secrets of happiness.

(1) Unclutter you minds

We must remove the clutter of hatred, anger, resentment etc. and cleanse our hearts. Therefore, we must take care of our thoughts. Thoughts are the building blocks of life. Thoughts are magnetic forces. What we think today will happen tomorrow. So we must think thoughts of joy and happiness.

(2) Know the Source of Happiness

To be happy we must connect with the source of happiness. We must make God real in our daily lives. Therefore, we must establish a relationship of love with God. He urged the crowd to establish some relationship before they left the hall.

(3) Adopt a positive attitude

Quoting a scientist he said the greatest discovery of our times is that by changing one’s attitude one can change one’s life.

On Monday 17 December, Rev. Dada graced the 1st World Parliament on Spirituality. He delivered the Presidential Address at the inauguration of the conference. He received Lifetime Achievement Award at the hands of the Chairperson of the Parliament Dr. D. R. Kaarthikeyan. This Parliament on Spirituality was a historic event, where for the first time, hundreds of spiritual leaders and thousands of seekers from more than 100 nations of the world came together to herald a new beginning for the earth to have lasting peace and harmony.

A 160 member band that had come especially from China honored Rev. Dada after he received the Award. They played 3 songs for him and marched around the campus across his room. Their faces beamed with joy as Rev. Dada blessed them and distributed chocolates to them.

Rev. Dada in his Presidential Address on 17 Dec 2012 said:

Spirituality is the new religion of this age. And the S of Spirituality is – serve and smile all the while. And Spirituality does not mean going to a church or a temple or reading long scriptures or visiting the places of pilgrimage. Spirituality is an illumined personal experience of God. The true spirit of religion – the secret of spirituality is love. True love is to reckon oneself as nothing and the Beloved as all.

On 18 Dec 2012, He began his talk on 18 Dec 2012 by explaining what is spirituality? He said, “In simple words, it is knowledge of God, not an intellectual knowledge but an illumined personal experience of the Supreme.” He went on to explain that spirituality teaches us to look within. Even as there is an expanding universe outside of us, there is a larger and more wonderful universe within us of which we are not aware. One day, when our bodies drop down dead, the outer universe will vanish. Our inner Self will remain: it is timeless and eternal. Carl Jung said: “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” Gurudev Sadhu Vaswani said: “I have but one tongue. If I had a million tongues, with everyone of those tongues I would still utter the one word, Awake!” Our spiritual hearts are stained with many stains. They are not pure. We need to purify them. Jesus said: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” We can purify the heart through prayer, meditation, contemplation, repetition of the Holy Name, study of the scriptures and selfless service of the poor and lowly, the unwanted and unloved. God is the goal of life. And God is to be realised, not merely `understood’ or talked about. Long have we chanted hymns and recited from the scriptures and rung temple-bells and offered unending prayers, while our minds have strayed afar. Long have we kept God out of our lives, `Tis time to call Him in. To move Godward, we need to get up and open the door and let God in. This happens only when man realises the need for God. Out of the very depths of his heart, there awakes the cry: “I have need of you, Lord! I cannot live without you!” This is known as `spiritual awakening’. Something happens deep within you and your life becomes new. You are filled with light and warmth. You exclaim with Tolstoy: “To know God is to live!”

During the 5 days event, speakers of great repute from all over the world addressed the esteemed congregation. Several speakers from different countries including New York, Italy and Australia came to meet Rev. Dada personally, exchange ideas with him and seek his blessings.

As Rev. Dada’s birthday August 2, is celebrated as forgiveness day, Ms. Shawne Duperon, film-maker and 6 times Emmy award winner who is currently making a film on forgiveness came to meet Revered Dada to understand his views on forgiveness and why one must forgive. The two had a wonderful discussion at the end of which Shawne said, “The feeling was extraordinary. Rev. Dada has touched my heart and impacted me in a deep, deep way.”

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