Jul 31

The Moment of Calm Awareness at Bangalore Central Jail – A Report

On 31st July, 2012 Bridge Builders Bangalore set out for a very different sewa. Something very new and challenging. They visited the women’s section of the Bangalore Central Jail.

Due to security restrictions only 5 female volunteers were permitted to go in and speak with the prisoners and no gadgets were allowed either. The main motive behind this sewa was to introduce the concept of “Forgiveness” as part of the Moment of Calm- August 2nd at 2 pm campaign.

A 45 minute session was conducted for the prisoners by one of the bridge builders in the local languages- Kannada and Hindi.

The session started with a short prayer followed by an introduction to the Sadhu Vaswani Mission, Sadhu Vaswani and Rev. Dada J.P.Vaswani. This was followed by an explanation of the importance of forgiveness. It was explained to the prisoners that whatever happens is because of Karma and they should let go of the past and start afresh as good human beings. After that Dada’s guided meditation on Forgiveness which was translated into Hindi and Kannada was conducted for about 10 minutes. Most of the prisoners participated wholeheartedly with utmost dedication in the meditation session wherein they were asked to pray to the God they believed in asking for forgiveness for all the wrongs they had committed as well as give them the strength to forgive those who had wronged them in some way or another.

The special forgiveness prayer given by Dada Himself was translated into Kannada and printouts were handed over to all present. They repeated it line by line with the bridge builders there and they were urged to do so once again on August 2nd at 2pm pledging to be a part of the Worldwide Moment of Calm!

The session ended with teaching them the forgiveness jingle in Kannada and English – “I Forgive All and I Love all” and singing it and clapping along with them.

200 sets of prasadi consisting of biscuit packets, packets of Haldirams mixture and chocolates were distributed to prisoners as well as the jail staff as the bridge builders bade them goodbye.

Also printouts of the Forgiveness prayer were handed over to the jail staff and everyone was urged to join the “Moment of Calm” and experience the peace within!

Bridge Builders would like to thank Beloved Dada for introducing the much needed forgiveness campaign and giving them this opportunity to meet and interact with prisoners and urge them, who need it the most to try forgiveness!

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