Mar 07

Sadhu Vaswani Mission is now starting a Boy’s International School along with another Girl’s International School, this time in Pimpri. The two new schools – Sadhu Vaswani International School for Boys & Sadhu Vaswani International School for Girls will come up by next year 2013.

Rev. Dada J. P. Vaswani will be laying the foundation stone on this Friday, March 9, 2012 at 10.00 am. The plot address is Sector 6, Plot 1, Near Traffic Park, Pradhikaran.

MLA Shri Vilas Lande will also be gracing the ceremony.

The schools will be built on a common plot of  3.5 acres in the Pradhikaran area of Pimpri-Chinchwad. One section of the premises will house the boy’s school and the other section will house the girl’s school.

The schools will be affiliated to the CBSE curriculum. The schools will be from class 1 to XII.

Seeing the need for reverence, Rev. Dada plans to continue to build such schools which stress on character-building along with academic excellence. He said, "In the world today, it is that reverence which is missing. We have no reverence for our parents, or our grand-parents! No reverence for our teacher." Quoting Sadhu Vaswani, Rev. Dada added further, "The root of education is reverence and the fruit of education is service. The educated man does not care for the poor, the less fortunate ones.”

Rev. Dada believes that both the boys and girls need a different type of education. The girls build homes while boys subscribe to homes. Girls need to learn the art of building homes while boys need to learn to shoulder responsibility in the right way. Adding further he said, "Girls actually take better care of their parents than even the boys. When the mother or the father grows old it is the duty of the son to take care of them, but sons don’t do it. They send them to the homes of aged. So we need to give a different type of education to both the boys and the girls."

About Sadhu Vaswani Mission’s Character-Building Educational Schools:

Started in a basement with a 2-paisa coin by Sadhu Vaswani, the founder of Sadhu Vaswani Mission on 4th June, 1933 –

The 2 schools will go under the umbrella of the St. Mira’s movement of character-building education that now spans schools in different cities of India with thousands of students. The movement is in its 79th year. On 4th June 1933, The Mira School for girls was inaugurated in a basement by Sadhu Vaswani, who himself had been a principal of prestigious colleges, but gave up his lucrative career to start a small school instead. The school was the cornerstone of the Mira Movement in Education. It was the vision of Sadhu Vaswani to create a school for girls, based on the ideals of new education. The Mira Movement attempts at enriching students with vital truths of modern life and at the same time making them lovers of the Indian Ideal and India’s Culture. The Mira Movement in Education has grown all over the nation with schools in major cities. It has expanded into 6 educational institutions in Pune. All of them are reputed for their strong sense of discipline, and their insistence on character building, love of Indian ideals, reverence for all life, spiritual, cultural, social and moral values.

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