Dec 13




St. Mira?s primary school held a fancy dress competition on Dec. 12 & 13, 2006.

Have you seen little children of God dressed up as lock & key, toothpaste, mobile phone, radio, etc.?? If no, you have missed out on real fun.? Come and join us next year for their annual fancy dress function.






Parents and children worked hard to be creative and participate in the fancy dress competition.? Student girls of first and second grades (standards) participated on Dec. 12 while student girls of third and fourth grades participated on Dec. 13.? Following is the theme given to each grade:

Grade 1 Theme:

Community helpers or items of utility
No. of participants = 72
Children were dressed as beautician, vatika shampoo, painter, sweeper, nurse, doctor, Mother Theresa, watchman, veg & fruit seller, milkman, army officer, policeman, etc.

Grade?2 Theme:

Communication or religions of India
No. of participants = 47
Children were dressed as Indian bride, actress, Punjabi, koli, Guru Nanak, Kashmiri, etc.






Grade?3 Theme:

Tribal people or articles of daily life
No. of participants = 33
Children were dressed as towel, lock & key, soap, toothbrush, suitcase, Japanese fan, Hawkins cooker, broom, newspaper, Bharat gas, mobile phone, water, etc.

Grade?4 Theme:

Different types of dancers or communication
No. of participants = 25
Children were dressed as radio, fan, kuchikudi dancer, koli dancer, Punjabi dancer, clock, computer, Dandia dancer, ?Prabhu ki bhakti? nritya, Bhangra, Bharat Natyam dancer, etc.

The real honors go to a student who actually performed a small dance with a fire lit above.


Kudos to the teachers, parents and above all students of St. Mira?s School for their creativity and hard work!!


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