Dec 08

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St. Mira’s Secondary School for Girls celebrated their Annual Sports Day on Friday, the 5th of December 2008. The Sports Day seeks to bear witness to Sadhu Vaswani’s motto of ‘Geeta and Games’ wherein students are encouraged to develop the spirit of true sportsmanship, partaking in the games without being attached to results, as teaches the Bhagwad Gita.

Girls dressed in traditional Maharashtrian costumes welcomed the Chief Guests Mr. Avinash R. Bagwe, Corporator, PMC with his wife and Mr. Nooruddin Somji, with a colorful performance of the traditional Marathi lejim dance. The esteemed guests paid their respects to Sadhu Vaswani at the Sacred Samadhi and lighted candles before the portraits of Sadhu Vaswani and St. Mira.

Amidst the energy and fervour lent by the Marching Song, Mr. Bagwe hoisted the School Flag and lighted the torch. The event was highlighted with exciting activities including book balancing race, duck walk, sack race, and a traditional dance competition which sought to keep up the spirit of the Maharashtra culture. Everyone watched with abated breath as girls performed brilliant karate stunts and yoga asanas. A unique ‘banana-eating’ competition was held especially for the peons of the school. The grounds reverberated with feverish enthusiasm as the tempo set in with the teachers and the girls excitedly cheering them, voicing the spirit of oneness among all.

Mr. Bagwe gave a motivational speech to the students emphasizing that schools like St. Mira’s would lead the future generations onto the path of peace and harmony.

The school has won 14 prizes in the recently held Common Wealth Youth Games inter-school competition, the prizes of which were distributed by the Chief Guests at the prize distribution ceremony. Dr. (Ms.) Gulshan Gidwani, Director of the Mira Education, felicitated the Chief Guests. The program ended with a vote of thanks by Mrs. Kiran Jotwani, Principal, St. Mira’s Secondary School for Girls.

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